Consignor Rates


After we received your items, our team will valuate each of the items and categorise them according to the four conditions listed below. Subsequently, a resale value and a rental value will be tagged to the items.

PRISTINE Items are unworn, new with tags
EXCELLENT Items are lightly worn, but has no visible signs of wear
VERY GOOD Items are worn and have faint signs of wear
GOOD Items have moderate and noticeable wear such as fading, creasing, embellishment fallouts, etc.



At the end of each month, our team will consolidate the total sales made from your item(s) and the commission payout rates will be according to the rate chart below. 

 Consolidated Monthly Sales Commission Rates
Up to $99 30%
$100 to $200 40%
$201 and above 50%



You can choose to have your payouts being deposited directly to your designated bank account at the end of each month or choose to receive in-store credits. You will earn an additional 5% on top of the above rates if you choose to be paid through in-store credits.