Free Movement Afterstage Consignor

We are all about sustainability and increasing the footprints of your dance costumes, practice wear, accessories and dance shoes; basically all things dance related! The life cycle of your dance apparels and accessories does not have to end once you are done with wearing it on stage or in studio, you can give them a new life! There will always be someone who will be ready to rent or buy your items, gratitude will be the main message since your items will serve the next person! 
Don't let the condition of your item deter you, there is always a value in the designs you chose! If ever you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer!
1. Choose what to consign (costumes, footwear, accessories, leotards, practice wear, jewelry etc)

2. Choose to have your items delivered or brought over

3. Let our Free Movement Team do all the work

4. Get Paid!
    Drop off your items at our studio:
    65 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1, 03-59 Singapore 408729 (By Appointment only)
    Contact us at +65 8754 7731 to arrange for a courier!

    We know you have questions about consigning the items you love! Do refer below for more details:


    What does consignment mean?

    When you leave your items with us to sell or rent on your behalf, you are consigning! 


    What do you do with my dance costumes, practice wear, accessories and footwear?

    • Dance Costumes and Accessories: Once we receive them, our team will start to valuate the costumes and come up with a resale and rental value. Your items will then be catalogued, followed by having their photos taken to be up on our online site and stored safely! 
    • Practice wear and Footwear: We will sort the items out, have them washed and cleaned, then either donate them to charities we work with, donate them to local dancers from low income families or dancers in need, or use them as sewing practice apparels during our workshops. Either way, your apparel will be in the hands of those who need them! As our way of saying thank you, we will give you instore credits for your items! 


    How do you valuate my dance costumes and accessories?

    Accessories includes items like headpieces and dance jewellery! We have four conditions where your items will be vetted to:

    PRISTINE Items are unworn, new with tags
    EXCELLENT Items are lightly worn but has no visible signs of wear 
    VERY GOOD Items are worn and have faint signs of wear 
    GOOD Items have moderate and noticeable wear such as fading, creasing, embellishment fallouts etc


    Our team will go through each of your items and categorise them according to the four conditions above. After which a resale value and rental value will be tagged to the items. Now on to the next step, photography!


    How much do I earn from the rental and resale?

    Here is our item commission rates:

     Resale Value Rental and Resale Rates
    Up to $99 30%
    $100 to $200 40%
    $201 and above 50%


    The percentage above is for individual items.


    How do I get paid?

    Your net sales amount by the end of the month will be transferred to you via PayNow, Paylah, Bank Transfer or Paypal. We will contact you individually for your preference.


    I tailor made my dance costume with you guys at Free Movement, are there any special perks?

    You bet you do! We will always accept all items made by us with open arms! Secretly happy to see the costumes again after all the hardworking put in, heh. Any dance costumes and accessories made by us will always be given priority.


    My items are not from Free Movement, can I still consign them?

    Of course! Our main aim is still to increase the footprints of each item, empower dancers and create a sustainable way for doing all that we do for the love of dance! Feel free to bring over what you have, we are just happy that you would like to do your part in sustainability too!


    How can I increase the value of my costumes?

    Rhinestone fallouts, open seams and stains are examples of some of the things we look out for when determining the condition of the item and thus the resale and rental price. Having the costumes fixed will help to increase the resale value of the item. Any work done on the items will have charges, feel free to let us know if you would like to mend your items to be as good as new!


    How do people see and choose my dance costumes and accessories?

    Leave your costumes with us and we will do the work! We will take photos of each individual item and put them up on our website, we also allow customers to walk in and try the costumes should they prefer!


    How many items can I bring over?

    The more the merrier! You can also bring in group costumes, there will always be a dance group who will need costumes too!


    How long do I have to consign my items with you?

    The consignment period is 365 days, that means that you have to leave your costumes with us for this whole amount of time. If you would like to request for an early item return, it will be free return after a 6 month period. Before the 6 months period there will be a charge of $20 per item which reflects the upfront costs of storing, cataloguing and photographing. Additional shipping charges may apply. Feel free to contact us!


    How much instore credits will I get for my dance practice wear and dance footwear?

    We will also valuate the items you bring in! Once we have done that we will inform you of the total value of store credits you can use to shop online! Thank you!


    What happens if someone dirties my items during rental?

    We collect deposit amounts from customers when they rent your items. If the item is returned where there is reasonable wear (for instance, few rhinestone fallouts) we will accept the returns and replace the rhinestones. However if we see major stains, lost of item and or other unacceptable return conditions, we will take the item as it has been sold and have the deposit initially collected become the resale amount fro that item. We got you covered!


    My items have been kept in the closet, under the bed or in the store-room. Can I still rent or sell them to you?

    All the items that come to us will have to go through a laundering process, this means that the customers who rent or buy your items will know that they have been laundered and cleaned by the Free Movement. All items when brought in will be have to be laundered. Once the items are received, we will contact you to let you know the laundering fees. 


    Can I just donate the dance costumes, practice wear, accessories and footwear to you? I don't need to get paid.

    Sure you can donate them to us, the people who receive your items will be super thankful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts too!


    If I have ALOT of items, how long will you take to valuate them?

    That depends on how many items you have. Usually we valuate all items in 10 working days. Do contact us via phone or email should you have a large amount of items.


    Okay, I am super excited to start! Where do I begin?

    Make an appointment to come by or arrange for a courier to pick up your costumes! Whatsapp us to make an appointment by clicking here or email us at or Instagram direct message us or Facebook message us. We are that easy to reach!