Re-Opening with COVID-19 Measures

In light of the developing Covid-19 situation in Singapore, we will be following the  Ministry of Health's restrictions to reopen the Free Movement™ Dance Studio but with restrictions in place. The following measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of all Free Movement customers and staff:

Dance and Fitness Classes in Studio - Open with restrictions

  • Classes are back: All dance and fitness classes have been safely re-opened, with safe measures in place. 
  • Bookings and Class packages: Resumed with classes available for booking now!
  • Face Masks: Masks can be removed ONLY FOR FULLY VACCINATED CLASSES. If classes are not fully vaccinated, face masks will be mandatory.

Please ensure:

  • To check in and out using TraceTogether only.
  • Washing of hands or using of hand sanitisers must be done before and after class.
  • Temperature taking must be done before class. If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees celsius, you will not be able to attend class and must head home.
  • If you are not feeling well, even at the slightest, please inform us as soon as possible and see a doctor.
  • Masks may only be removed if all individuals have been fully vaccinated. Should any person not be fully vaccinated, masks must be kept on at all times (must cover nose and mouth at all times)
  • Everyone is to maintain 2m safe distance within your groups at all times, follow the crosses marked on the floor
  • Groups are not to intermingle at any point of time. 3m safe distancing required between groups.

  • No eating in studio. However, water consumption is allowed (no sharing of water bottles).

  • Sanitise any equipments before and after each use. Cleaning supplies are provided.
  • No intermingling after class. 
  • If there is another class after your class, kindly guide all students to exit via the back door. This is to prevent intermingling between different classes.
  • There should be no persons who are not attending class waiting in studio. This includes parents and children who are not attending class. 
  • Please leave immediately after class. Class videos can be shared via telegram or WhatsApp.

Dance Studio Rental - Open with restrictions

  • For Filming & Classes: In line with the most recent government advice, only a maximum of 2 groups of 5 people are allowed, with 2m safe distancing within the group and 3m safe distancing between groups, can be in our studio at any one time. Please note that the Free Movement™ Team will check for vaccination status before Face Masks are determined if it can be taken off. Our team reserves the right to reject any non-compliance while renting our studio space and will not issue a refund for flouting the government stated measures. You will be asked to leave the studio due to non-compliance.
  • The Free Movement Team will have the right to reject any bookings that do not comply with the Government's restrictions implemented, to ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Retail Space - Open with Tightened Measures

  • Contactless Pick-up: We will be implementing our contactless pick-up system in our front-of-shop retail space. Only one person per order should be coming down to collect your items.
  • Safe delivery: We will work closely with our partner couriers to ensure the safe delivery of all goods. We highly recommend opting for delivery services to help reduce the need for physical contact in our retail space.
  • Cashless payment: We will only accept contactless forms of payment, which can be made via our online store or through PayNow!
  • Free Movement™ Self-Service 3D Body Scanner: Our 3D Body Scanner is ready and available for contactless 3D body measurements. There will be no walk-ins, so please book your slot before coming down to our space.
  • Implementation of self-checkout retail space: Scan QR code of items to make payment online, or via Paynow/Paylah! (screenshot of payment to be sent to our WhatsApp for verification). 

Sewing Space - Open with Tightened Measures

  • Tightened Measures in Sewing Studio: While our sewing space is still available for bookings and use, we will be enforcing the 1m safe distancing rule. Masks should also be worn at all times. There will be no walk-ins, so please book your slot before coming down to our space.
  • No food items in studio: Eating will not be allowed in the sewing space. 

The health and safety of the Free Movement community is our first priority. In line with this, we have also implemented a more stringent cleaning routine in our physical space. We kindly ask that you help us keep Free Movement healthy so that we can keep serving you best!

Should you have any questions regarding our new measures, or need help of any sorts, please feel free to get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Take care and stay safe!


The Free Movement Family