Breakdancing by Ivan Yong


Breakdancing or more rightly known as Bboying is a form of dance that fuses athleticism and creativity seamlessly. I have been a competitive bboy for 10 years. Now I would like to spread this knowledge to inspire kids to start picking up this dance style at a young age. Breakdancing has no barriers or movement limits, as long as it is expressed appropriately with the music. Therefore, Bboys usually have their own signature moves to stand out in competitions. The key to stand out is creativity.


About Ivan

Ivan started breakdancing aka bboying at the age of 18 while studying in polytechnic. In competitions, he stands out by developing his own unique style of rocking the music with foundation breakdancing moves. In his third year of dance practice, he and his crew won the annual fuyo interschool 3-on-3 bboy battle competition in 2009. From then on, he has competed in multiple Singapore’s open category competitions and in Malaysia, collecting multiple accolades. After completing his mandatory military service, he went on to study in a University in Australia where he further enhance his international competition exposure.

As a teacher, Ivan pride himself on cultivating self-confidence and encouraging creativity in his students. He aims to teach breakdancing as a form of developing athletic fitness with a combination of finesse. He believes that learning breakdancing is a form of instilling discipline and inspire determination to succeed through hard work.


Words from Ivan about his class

I believe creativity should be harnessed at a young age. I aspire to encourage kids to think of different ways to do a similar move. Breakdance is a “non-textbook” dance style that promotes thinking out of the box which would then permeate into their everyday lives to stand out be it in studies or in future careers.  Furthermore, through the various breakdancing techniques, kids can stand to have better physique and body balance promoting a healthy wholesome lifestyle.


Class Attire: 

  • comfortable danceable attire
  • wear shoes


All classes offered at Free Movement Studio are beginner level and suited for anyone without dance experience or who wishes to learn a new dance genre. At Free Movement, we are here to support your dance journey with many dance solutions from start to end!


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