Chinese Dance by Xiao Jing

When: Mondays 7-8.30pm

Where: Free Movement Dance Studio

For: Beginner Adults, no experience needed


Chinese Dance

Chinese dance is an expressive dance form that uses various techniques including and not limited to the hand movements, breathing techniques, body isolation and facial expressions. The use of props are also an essential part of this dance form, where fans, sticks, hoops and ribbons play an essential role.



About Xiao Jing

Learning dance from a tender age, Xiao Jing graduated from Beijing Dance Academy before moving to Singapore. Having been in Singapore for over 20 years, Xiao Jing teaches in schools, dance projects while also performing and choreographing.

我从小习舞,毕业自北京舞蹈学院古典舞系,在新加坡二十年,除了演出,编创,也从事舞蹈教育 工作。


Words from Xiao Jing about her class

I believe that dance can bring about joy and one's inner strength! Everybody can dance; I have no qualms about that. My purpose in this class is to explain and simplify dance movements that allows you to grasp the concept of Chinese dance while training your body's muscle groups, bring out the gentleness and playfulness in each person! As the master of your own body, I believe that through dance we are able to further strengthen the believe in ourselves!

 这个课程会用循序渐进的方式,由简入繁的介绍中国舞的舞蹈动作,在掌握舞蹈⻛格的同时,也兼 顾锻炼身体的肌肉素质,柔韧性,协调性。
我相信人人都可以跳舞,相信舞蹈能带来快乐与能量,相信每个人在做自己身体的主人的同时,也 能更加相信自己本身。


Class Attire: 

  • Fitted top with leggings or jazz pants
  • ballet shoes (canvas or leather)
  • hair tied up 


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