Hip Hop by Jia Xi


Hip Hop Dance is a popular and energetic dance style that comprises many party dances, primarily done to Hip Hop music. Originated in 1973 by Black Amercians and Latinos in the Bronx, New York, Hip Hop was birthed as a way for people who lived in the poverty-stricken area to express themselves and feel liberated from their struggles. As a part of the Hip Hop culture, this dance genre builds on the freedom of self expression, cultivating Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun in our lives!


Instructor Profile

Jia Xi is a devoted dance instructor and a dedicated performer. The joy of dancing caught on to her at the age of 7, and she has never stopped dancing ever since. Through the years, she has undergone training in different genres such as Chinese Dance and Contemporary Jazz. Eventually, she worked her way into picking up Hip Hop during her Polytechnic days with Strictly Dance Zone at Singapore Polytechnic.

Since then, Jia Xi grew passionate to learn more about the genre and its culture. She was able to hone her skills in this craft as dancer, a choreographer for productions such as "Waves" at Esplanade Theatre, and a trainer for intensive enrichment dance programmes through the platforms that the school provided. Upon graduation, she has also participated in many Hip Hop and Open Styles competitions in both choreography and freestyle battles such as “Conquer It” and “Super24”. She has also danced and performed for many productions at places such as Universal Studios Singapore and is involved in showcases for various Hip Hop events.


Words from Jia Xi about her class

Hip Hop Dance encourages self expression and freedom in movement. In my class, I strive to build a conducive environment that promotes seeking discomfort and positivity in the approach to learning. I believe that inspiration can come from many places. We should always allow ourselves to have the moment to learn and be inspired.


Class Attire:

  • Comfortable clothes and pants that allows stretching
  • Sneakers