Intermediate Workshop - Dance Dress


4 Session workshop – 3 hours per session (12 hours total)


Class capacity – Maximum 5 students

(Here at Free Movement, we promise a small student to teacher ratio to ensure each student gets the assistance and attention they need.)


All materials, sewing machines and fabric will be provided.*

*Students are required to have a sewing machine at home as homework will be assigned. (Studio sewing machines are available for use outside of workshop hours at an hourly fee.)


Now that you’ve completed a beginner project, put your new skills to use at creating your first dance dress!

This 4 session workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn how to draft a pattern and sew their own tailored-fit dance dress.


Learning objectives:

  • Drawing a pattern from measurements
  • Understanding fabric grain lines and how to identify them for maximum stretch
  • Pinning and cutting stretch fabric
  • Combining stretch and non-stretch fabrics
  • Using the right seam for joining and finishing
  • Hemming and closing seams
  • Handling and applying elastic
  • Different strap types
  • Sewing mesh pockets for padding
  • Attaching a zipper (optional)


Workshop outcome:

  • One dance dress!
    (Participants are welcome to select their preferred fabric available in the studio.)


Classes are held on Saturdays. Please call us to confirm slot availability, and we will inform you when class is happening once there are sufficient attendees. 

Please drop us a text at 87547731 to confirm slot availability! 


Supplementary workshops for adding decorations (rhinestones, appliques, tassels) will be only available to participants who have completed at least one article of clothing to work on.


*While the studio’s 3D body measurement scanner will be available for use, participants will still be taught how to use a measuring tape to take measurements.


  • $280.00