Locking by Bryan Kang

When: Thursdays 7-8.30pm

Where: Free Movement Dance Studio

For: Beginner Adults, no experience needed



Locking is a dance created in 1970 by Don Campbell, danced to the funk music of that era. Largely based off the actions we would do on a day-to-day basis, Locking comprises of simple, easy-to-learn movements, combined with rhythm, stops, characterisation, even featuring props and acrobatics! A dance that is built on a core of improvisation, Locking is centred around the idea of a Lock, where the Dancer comes to a total halt in movement in the middle of their set. As Don Campbell would say, “Do like me, but be you!”


About Bryan Kang

A Dancer built up with 3 genres under his belt, Bryan combines the strengths of Popping, Locking and Soul Dance in his style of dance. A graduate from SMU Funk Movement, he is an active alumnus within their Alumni Group, choreographing for Patron’s Day 2020. In his experience, Bryan has performed for Team GoGo Brothers in Lockdown 2018, and Nelson in the 16 dans challenge hosted by Esplanade in 2019.

Coaching juniors since his second year, Bryan always carries a feverish enthusiasm in growing the students under his care, regardless of their starting point as dancers.


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Class Attire: 

  • Oversized Top
  • Pants you can move it
  • Street shoes, running shoes or sneakers


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