Street Jazz by Bryan Lee

Street Jazz by Bryan Lee

For: Anyone keen in dance



Street Jazz

Street jazz has earned its popularity from its sexy, strong and precise dance moves! A fusion of styles by nature, it combines Jazz dance with pop culture, styling the dance genre into style that is more relevant with new age dancers. Inspirations for Street Jazz usually comes from several sources like dance music videos, social clubs and even YouTube dance videos!

Popular street jazz inspired artistes includes Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera.


About Bryan Lee

Bryan began his Jazz training at the age of 17 and has never looked back. Constantly challenging his own growth as a Dancer, he trained with NUS Dance Ensemble as the youngest associate with the club, and at a time held a ballet scholarship at Singapore Dance Theatre for 2 years. He has also trained with multiple renowned choreographers locally and internationally, such as Rico Tsui (the choreographer for celebrities like Aaron Kwok).

As a teacher, Bryan has always prided himself on pushing his students to achieve breakthroughs in their technical and performance abilities. Having crafted multiple choreographies that went on to achieve several accolades in local competitions, he has also conducted Jazz workshops all over Japan. His exposure and experience speaks for itself.


Class Attire: 

  • Comfortable clothes that allows stretching
  • Sneakers, Jazz shoes or bare-footed


  • $25.00