Dance as a Career? | Talk with Ren Yi

Private online video call with Ren Yi

For: Anyone who has questions on how taking dance seriously, for yourself or for your children

Duration: 30 mins

Language: English and Mandarin

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Online Dance Class

In our series of online dance classes, get up close and personal with the instructors via an online video call. Why this is different from our regular dance classes is because you can get to ask questions that caters to you! All our instructors are here to support you, be it questions on techniques for a particular genre of dance or questions about the thought process on how they learn the dance themselves, each and every one of our instructors are happy to share a step by step process into improving your life through dance. Get ready for a brand new experience of experiencing dance like never before, empower yourself through knowledge and the love for the Art.

Be open to the experience, open your hearts and you will see the joy that lies within!


Dance As A Career?

How do you know if you should consider dance professionally? What does it mean to go full-time into dance as a career? Talk with Ren Yi provides an avenue for sharing of experiences, expectations and balancing out the love for dance and the uncertainties behind it. Check out our Youtube video for a reference of common questions asked for those who are considering taking this path.


About Ren Yi

Ren Yi is a multi-faceted dance artist and a dance educator with a passion for working with young children. She was born and raised in Shanghai where she was one of the first young ballerinas to be trained and mentored by the great ballet pioneer Wang Qifeng at the Wang Qifeng Ballet School in the early 90s.

Ren Yi moved to Singapore in 2003 to pursue her dance education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). After she graduated in 2006, she decided to stay on to nurture young dancers at the affiliated School Of Young Talents as a full-time ballet teacher for another 10 years.

Not only is Ren Yi a dedicated teacher, she is also a tireless student constantly seeking to expand herself in her art form and other related disciplines. She counts Antonio Vargas and Sofia Pratt as two of her most inspiring teachers, especially in the field of Spanish Dance and Flamenco.



Class Attire: 

  • anything you can comfortably move in


All classes offered at Free Movement Studio are beginner level and suited for anyone without dance experience or who wishes to learn a new dance genre. At Free Movement, we are here to support your dance journey with many dance solutions from start to end!


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