CNA Lifestyle: Face masks are the new fashion accessories: How to match these with your outfit

Even if disposable surgical masks are now much more readily available, it might be less wasteful and more economical to put on a reusable fabric mask in situations where you won’t be in close contact with other people. The latter also provides an added perk by offering aesthetic appeal for those who are style-conscious.

Yahoo Lifestyle: Where To Buy Fashionable Face Masks in Singapore

Wondering where to buy fashionable face masks or perhaps you’re looking for masks that can be comfortable for the kids to wear all day at school. You can now buy fashionable face masks in Singapore from a range of businesses. Whether it's giving back to charity, using ethically sourced fabrics or working with local designers, these face masks will have you and your little ones covered - literally and fashionable so!

vanilla luxury transformation masks

Vanilla Luxury: Where To Buy Fashionable Face Masks in Singapore

Lips opening to a toothy smile, a bearded mouth or a dog with his tongue out! If you want to add a little bit of fun to mask wearing and give back to charity, take a look at the range at Free Movement. The first of its kind in Singapore, the bespoke FM transformation masks by Free Movement come in 3 different designs. 



联合早报: 卷尺智能化 剪裁零误差

Free Movement Singapore 是本地首家引进三维身体扫描仪这项新科技的裁缝业者。这台扫描仪不仅能大幅提高工作效率,也让她可以系统化地培训员工,扭转人们对这个“夕阳行业”的刻板印象。

The Straits Times: 3D body scanner cuts measuring time per customer to just a few seconds

The 3D body measurement scanner helps us to be more precise. People have different characteristics, such as sloping shoulders, and we can tweak the dance costumes during the tailoring process accordingly.


联合早报:中小企业中心提升计划 推出至今100家企业受惠

裁制运动和舞蹈服装的“Free Movement”是其中一家准备使用三维身体扫描仪的公司。创办人李慧仪接受《联合早报》访问时说:“这项科技可减少为客户量身时的人为失误。有时舞蹈团体一次来10至30人,扫描仪可协助我们加快量身过程,不必让客户等太久。”

Yellow Pages Singapore: At 27 Years Old, She’s The Youngest Dance Costume Tailor In Singapore

 It was the encouragement and love from her fiancé that made Sandra decide to put a stop to the hectic madness and sole-heartedly build up Free Movement Singapore again.


联合早报: 为裁缝业注入现代元素 缝织梦想舞衣

每当提起裁缝业时,许多人脑海里想必会想到“夕阳行业”这四个字。然而,有位年轻舞者毅然决定投身这行业,创办了一家裁制运动和舞蹈服装的店。Free Movement Singapore创办人李慧仪(27岁)于2014年7月创办公司。李慧仪一开始在乌节路*Scape经营实体店,之后在不同舞蹈室展现产品。

Neighbourhood Fixer: One of the Two Young Girls Who Set Up Business in A Same Building and Leads Own Exciting Life

Darren visits Circuit Road Food Centre to find out why there are so many vegetarian stalls around & discovers the kampung spirit among stall owners. He also talks to MP Tin Pei Ling about recent changes in Macpherson. Two young girls each set up business in a same building & leads own exciting life. 主持人明伦到麦波申循环路熟食中心,寻访为何素食档如此多的原因,发现档主们互助互爱的邻里精神,同时采访该区陈佩玲议员,畅谈麦波申社区近年的转变。在同一栋大厦内,两名年轻女生创业,际遇不同,人生一样精彩。