Our Story



We enable anyone to dance anywhere safely, with lots of sparkle! 

Free Movement Solutions founder Sandra Faustina was struggling with injuries from training and dancing on inappropriate flooring while constantly feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, since she couldn't afford good-looking workout or dancewear that kept everything in place. After years of sleepless nights, she one day decided to buy a sewing machine to create her own stretchy comfortable clothes and the Free Movement™ Solutions legacy began! Focused on offering sustainable apparels for true freedom of movement with freedom of choice, the Free Movement Solutions brand has grown to offer footwear, flooring, barres, dance and fitness classes, sewing classes and more customisable solutions. Having a special place in the hearts of anyone who loves to keep fit and workout safely, Free Movement Solutions has been mentioned by The Straits Times, CNA, Lifestyle Asia and more.

Founded in July 2014, Free Movement Solutions has transitioned through different phases to be where the brand is today! From Singapore to USA and Australia, Free Movement Solutions is growing worldwide to reach out to dance and fitness enthusiasts, creating safe studio environments with performance enhancing apparels that keeps women, men and children feeling great to fulfill their biggest potential, achieving maximum results while preventing injuries, in an eco-friendly and pet-friendly way! Our range of Dance and fitness classes offers a total body workout that combines, dance, fitness, music and technology to have you moving towards achieving a lean, powerful, strong and flexible body. Sewing classes opens up a whole new world of creativity and therapeutic goodness for anyone.

We are a real brand, led by real people who care. Now we are here to support you in your journey! Welcome to the Free Movement Solutions Family!