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  • "Buying a bigger mat is like an investment for me. Before I decided on my purchase, I had many question to ask and the staff that replied both my IG DM and WhatsApp msgs were quick to respond and were clear in their replies. I finally decided to make my mat purchase on the 23rd. And on the 24th, they delivered the mat. Super fast delivery!! :) They even texted me before hand to check if I was at home to receive the mat. As for the vivace Marley Mat, it's been 3 days since I've used it. Did my jumps, repertoire revision, pointe work and I'm really loving it. The mat is smooth to dance around, thick enough to cushion my landing and big enough (1.8x1.8) for me. Can't wait to use it for my zoom classes next few days."
    Anna Husna
  • "I always look forward to Bryan's locking class. Though its tough at times, I find it fun. Plus, I finally know how to count. I think if Bryan did not take the time to teach me to count the tempo of the music, I may never learn this skill in my life. Thank you Bryan, please keep on teaching us locking dance :)"
    Denis Ho
  • "I purchased the Marley Mat on the 18.5 and I received it on the 21.5! The delivery was superfast! It's well padded and easy to glide on it. I had to attach the 2 pieces together for 2.4x3m mat. The tape is very sticky and you can clean the glue on the surface easily with cellophane tape. My daughter and I love it! Thank you so much 😊"
    Norhafiza Md Nor
  • "I purchased the Marley mat for my daughter since her dance classes switched to online mode. My daughter is very excited when we first unrolled the mat for her because she said it feels just like the dance studio’s floor. The service provided my Free Movement is great too as they always respond to my queries very promptly. I am also very thankful that we were given a free upgrade to their newly launched Vivace mat which is thicker and hence provide better protection. I’m a satisfied customer!"
    Serene Lim
  • "Bryan is simply amazing! He brings such a high level of positive energy to each class and makes it such a fun environment to grow, especially for a newbie dancer like myself. He is also patient and is dedicated to ensuring beginner dancers grasp the fundamentals, while also ensuring that the more advanced dancers can develop further. Thanks Bryan and Free Movement!"
    Ashley Liew
  • "When I first came back to Singapore a few years ago, I struggled to find a suitable dance studio. Either they were too crowded or the teacher moved at too fast a pace. But when I took my first class at free movement sg, I knew that I had found the right place. The classes were a right size, the teachers were patient and professional, and the fellow students were were warm and welcoming. It is rare to find such a non-judgemental, free space to explore dance in. Thank you free movement, for realising my dancing dreams!"
    Carissa Soh
  • "Transformation mask by Sandra was really comfy to wear. The material is so nice and the designs are so fantastic. The idea is definitely a cool one. I highly recommend people to consider the transformation mask. Not only you can have a real comfy mask, you also create alot of great happiness to people when they see you. Make the day a happy one. Show some joy, love to people."
    Joseph Tan
  • "Quality Marley Mats for any sort of dance and exercise at a reasonable price. Reducing impact and risk of injury. Friendly staff and fast delivery 😊highly recommended!"
    XinRong Chua
  • "It is a haven for dancers in Singapore providing not only the essentials for dancing at home but also the go-to place for custom-made dance costumes. The importance of having the correct environment to dance at home is crucial to budding young dancers and FreeMovement knows it best as it is managed by a beautiful dancer like Sandra. Current times might have made physical classes impossible but as parents, we can do the right thing by our kids simply by providing them with the essentials (i.e. Marley Mat and Barre Pro) to making online dance classes safer"
    Annabelle Lim
  • "I got a vivace marley mat from Free Movement and it's been really good for my online classes! It feels really similar to the studio floor :) The staff have been really helpful too."
    Corliss Ong
  • "Recently got the As-Is Marley Mat in 1mx2.6m, and not only is it up-cycled but also provides enough cushioning to try out new tricks and freestyle! The staff handling the IG account was very prompt in replying, and was very patient when I had more questions about custom Marley mats! They helped me find a suitable fit for my living room floor, and I really appreciate it! For someone like me with past ankle/knee injuries, the 2mm cushioning (although it's little) still helps me when I go for jumps/leaps across my living room floor, and helps cushion as much impact as possible. I like it a lot, and if I can in the future, will get a bigger one than the one I have now - realised that I could actually fit 2 squares of Marley Mat in my living room, but next time! :)"
    Samantha Ha
  • "The studio was gorgeous and spacious. They were very friendly and replied quickly which made booking really easy. Location was easily found with the directions given. Thank you so much! Will definitely book the studio again! 😍"
    Pearl Tasbur