Shatterproof Frameless Mirror on Wheels

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Safety mirrors are here, for you! Designed to last for years, our 5mm thick clear glass panels are impact resistant and shatterproof.

Free Movement Solutions™ high-quality shatter-resistant mirrors provide a whiter, brighter and an accurate reflection as compared to standard mirrors. 

- Shatterproof
- Impact-resistant
- Lightweight
- Durable
- Easy to Care for
- Seamless Moving
- Safe
- Child-friendly
- Frameless Mirror
- Mirror Stands with Wheels
- Screws and Bolts

Working out at home has never been easier, it is important to watch your form and posture in order to prevent injuries. The small legroom needed for the full length mirrors means more space for your fitness activities. These frameless mirrors are essentials in gyms, dance studios, home spaces, yoga studios and fitting/dressing rooms. They fit aesthetically with their minimalist design, complements and enhances the interior design of your space. Mirrors makes a space look bigger.


Free Movement Solutions™ portable frameless mirrors on rolling stands can transform a large space into 2 smaller areas. Castor wheels are designed to turn 360° for portability and seamless moving. Our mirrors move so smoothly, you could even use it as a prop!

If you need a whole row of mirrors, simple line them up side by side. We highly recommend frameless mirrors if you are lining them up! If you need visual on both your front and side postures and body alignment, have one mirror in front of you and another at the side, creating an L-shape.

Dimensions of Mirror Leg Width: 40cm




What does it mean that the mirrors are shatterproof and impact resistant?

This means that is repeatedly hit on high impact, the front glass panels will safely break while remaining intact as w hole piece with no sharp fragments or loose pieces flying around. 

Are the

Free Movement Solutions™ mirrors child and pet-friendly?

Most definitely! The wheels are designed to be small and wide, this would allow the mirrors to be more stable and not have toes or paws get stuck or rolled over easily. The wheels can be locked, so after moving the mirror in place, remember to lock the wheels for extra stability. Mirrors are also made to be insect-proof and rust-proof. If your pet decides to pee on the mirrors, you know you are in good hands!

How are the mirrors delivered?


To protect the mirrors and ensure safe delivery, our mirrors are delivered in a crate for extra protection. To open the crate, use simple tools such as a hammer and a screwdriver. 

Should I measure the measurements of my door, stairs and lift in case the mirrors can't fit?

We highly recommend measuring the height and width or your doors and lifts to make sure the size of the mirrors you choose can fit. This is to ensure easy moving and delivery.  

Are frameless mirrors more dangerous than framed mirrors on wheels?

Our shatterproof mirrors are all backed with a protective layer, framed or frameless! Safety is our top priority. 

Can you customise the size of the mirrors?

Yes we can, reach out to us at with your measurements. Remember to choose your favourite colour/colours.

How sustainable are the mirrors?

These mirrors can be resold, that is if you are willing to let them go!


Are the mirrors easy to assemble?

 They are so simple to assemble, just prepare some basic tools and follow our guide!


How to care for the mirrors?

Simple! Use regular glass cleaners or a damp micro-fibre cloth to wipe. 


Note that our shatterproof mirrors for custom sizes and size options available are made to order. This means your mirrors will be made once you have placed your order!


*Actual weight: 

188*100cm, around 22kg

188*120cm, around 26kg 

188*150cm, around 32kg

188*180cm, around 38kg