• Ever wondered why you just cannot get that pirouette right? Or how Ballet dancers can look so soft and effortless while they dance? Ren Yi shares about correcting the 5 basic ballet positions for you to stand correctly as a ballerina. It may seem like small corrections, but these fundamental corrections will be what takes you to be the next level to become a well developed Ballerina! Consider these tips in your next Ballet class or as you practice at home! View Post
  • A complete guide on how to take accurate body measurements for dancers! This is necessary for ensuring the correct sizing and for tailoring dance measurements. The reason why there are different measurements needed for dancers, for instance measuring body girth, is because dance costumes require a good snug fit that is close to the skin. Have someone help you with taking your body measurements!

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  • What do you do with your smelly dance shoes? How do you get rid of the smell and promote the lifespan of the shoes? Find out more from Sandra Faustina, Director of Free Movement Singapore, as she shares tips and tricks for shoe maintenance. View Post