• Let's Learn Chinese Dance | Beginner

    From the funky and energetic fast-paced movements of street dancing, our locking and street dancing instructor Bryan Kang takes a momentary shift into another world of dancing as he learns the mesmerisingly graceful movements of Chinese dance from our Chinese Dance instructor, Xiao Jing. View Post
  • Understand Chinese Dance with Xiao Jing | An Introduction

    We have Xiao Jing, a dedicated and professionally trained Chinese Dance teacher, to give us a better understanding of Chinese Dance. Together with Xiao Jing, is Bryan, who teaches Locking, and Sandra, the founder of Free Movement. In the interview, Xiao Jing shares with us why Chinese Dance can be cool and how the expressions in Chinese Dance came about. Both Bryan and Xiao Jing teaches at the Free Movement Studio and are currently conducting online classes during this period of time. View Post
  • How To Find Your Dance Shoes Size | Free Movement Dancewear

    Being comfortable and feeling unrestrained is critical when it comes to dancing so it’s practically a necessity to let your feet have the comfort it needs for a more enjoyable experience when dancing. In this video we’ll tell you how to find just the right shoe size for you!

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