Who our studios are for?

Welcome to Our 24/7 Self-Service Dance Studio: A Space for Everyone

At Free Movement Dance Solutions, we're excited to offer a 24/7 self-service dance studio designed for a wide range of purposes, from dance training to private events and everything in between. Our studios are equipped with professional-grade marley dance flooring, full-length mirrors, and ballet barres, providing a versatile and professional setting. Here's a comprehensive look at who can benefit from our studios.

1. Self-Rehearsals and Practice

Our studios are open 24/7, offering the flexibility you need to practice on your own schedule. Whether you're a k-pop lover learning the moves, professional dancer preparing for a big show, a student practicing a new routine, or a competition dancer working on precision, our studios are ideal for self-rehearsals and practice sessions.

2. Recurring Weekly Classes and Practices

Anyone seeking a regular venue for weekly classes or group practices will appreciate our studios' flexibility. You can book sessions for both the short term and the long term, allowing you to build a consistent schedule.

3. Instructors & Hosts

Instructors looking to host regular or one-off classes, workshops, or masterclasses will find our studios to be the perfect solution. With spacious rooms and professional facilities, you can conduct classes in various dance genres, yoga, pilates, or other fitness activities.

4. Performers and Touring Artists

For touring artists, musicians, and drama groups needing a place to rehearse before a performance at the Esplanade or other venues, our studios provide a professional setting to fine-tune your act. The 24/7 access allows you to fit in rehearsals even with tight schedules.

5. All Genres of Dance

Our studios cater to a wide range of dance styles, including but not limited to:

  • Salsa
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • K-pop
  • Belly dance
  • Ballroom dance
  • Flamenco
  • Jazz
  • Breakdance
  • Street dance
  • Tap dance
  • Indian dance
  • Malay dance

No matter your preferred style, our studios offer the space and facilities to support your artistic expression.

6. Competition Training and Filming

Parents of competition dancers often need a space to film for submitting online competition entries. Our studios are equipped with full-length mirrors, offering a professional setting for recording high-quality videos. This setup is also perfect for competition training and refining routines.

7. Video and Photo Shoots

If you're a content creator, filmmaker, or photographer, our studios offer a professional space for video and photo shoots. This is perfect for filming dance routines, taking promotional photos, or creating content for social media and other platforms.

8. Private Events and Company Events

Our studios can be used for private events, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and company events. If you're looking for a unique venue to host a gathering, our studios provide a flexible and customizable space.

9. Church Dance Rehearsals

Church dance groups seeking a space for rehearsals will find our studios to be a welcoming environment. The full-length mirrors and marley flooring are ideal for rehearsing and perfecting your routines.

10. Mediacorp TV Series Filming

For television and film crews, our studios provide a professional environment for filming scenes, rehearsals, or interviews. The adaptable space allows for different setups and lighting configurations to suit your needs.

11. Team Bonding and Group Activities

If you're planning team bonding activities or group exercises, our studios offer the space and flexibility you need. Whether it's a company team-building event or a group of friends getting together, our studios can accommodate various activities.

12. Singing Bowl, Plants Workshop & more

Beyond dance and fitness, our studios can be used for unique workshops, such as singing bowl sessions, soccer for toddlers and plants workshops. The open space and serene environment make it a suitable venue for relaxation and mindfulness activities.

At Free Movement Dance Solutions, we aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. Whether you're here to dance, create, train, or host events, our 24/7 self-service dance studios are designed to meet your needs. Join us and explore the freedom of movement in a supportive and versatile setting!