Appliques & Embellishments Sewing Course

  • $190.00

Ever loved how a lace appliqué looks on a finished apparel so strategically placed that it just catches your eye? How can you work with a beaded appliqué on a sewing machine? We go through all of that with techniques used to create your masterpiece! You must be familiar with working on a sewing machine. If you are not familiar with a sewing machine, join our Basics Sewing Workshop instead. This workshop is recommended for those who have finished our leotard, crop tops and briefs sewing workshops.


2 Sessions Workshop – 3 hours per session (6 hours total)

1 Session workshop – 3 hours

Here at Free Movement, we promise a small student to teacher ratio to ensure each student gets the assistance and attention they need. 

Reach out to us to book a class!

Tassels, application and sewing materials will be provided. (Students MUST bring their own completed apparel from a prior workshop to work on.)*


What you will learn:
  • Machine sewing and hand sewing appliqués on stretch and non-stretch fabrics to maintain stretch of apparel
  • Different ways of attaching appliques and embellishments
  • Understanding fabric grain lines and how to identify them for maximum stretch
  • Pinning and cutting appliqués and embellishments
  • Using the right stitch for joining and finishing
  • Understanding appliques and embellishment placement
  • Preparing appliques and embellishments before starting to work on them
  • Understanding the use of different types of appliques and embellishments
  • Work with different types of fabrics such as Spandex, Chiffon, Cotton and more

You will be advised on what materials to get by the end of the first session. This course will focus on understanding appliqués and embellishment techniques, it will not include rhinestoning work. Head over to our other workshops to learn how to embellish with rhinestones.



All sewing tools and machines will be provided. Fabrics, accessories and embellishments will NOT be provided. You may purchase our fabrics and embellishments online or after class. 

Additional sewing studio time is charged at $30/hour.


Private individual and group classes are available upon request, reach out to us to enquire for availability and rates.