Liang Bin


Acrobatics is fun and also has many health benefits in terms of strength training, balance, body coordination, agility and improve alertness. The techniques and somersaults are also an excellent addition for dancers.  

“Can you invert? Can you flip?” Tan Zi Gong is the Chinese Dance term for somersault techniques. The class also consists of bodyweight exercises and flow movements.

Tan Zi Gong (毯子功) basically means techniques and acrobatics done on mats. It includes handstand, various rolling and somersaults e.g. cartwheel and front-walk-over, as well as techniques from Chinese dance and martial arts such as 扫退, 飞脚, 旋子.

This class builds strength and flexibility that is useful for dance and it is also a good introduction to dance for boys. 

Bodyweight exercises help you to understand your body better, have more strength and control, awareness, and balance. Hence achieving a more versatile/functional body.


Chinese Dance

About Liang Bin

Liang Bin started learning acrobatics (Tan Zi Gong 毯子功) at Practice Performing Arts School since he was a young boy and started assisting and teaching since 1997. He has many years of teaching experience for both adults and children as young as 6 years old. He is also one of the founders of Xinyi Dance Company, a Chinese Dance troupe in Singapore.


Words from Liang Bin about his class

My strength is in breaking down the techniques into simple to understand, progressive and safe exercises, so that each individual can learn at his/her own pace and ability. When learning acrobatics, the association is usually a lot of fear and concerns. But these can be easily overcome by the simple exercises I have designed; which builds strength, flexibility, confidence, and sense of direction when in an upside down orientation.