Bryan Wong

About Bryan

Bryan is a performing artist with over 19 years of experience under his belt, of which consists of various art forms such as Wushu, Dance, Magic and Circus. Known by his stage name Brylights, Bryan performs with a variety of circus props and combines his various artistic experiences to create a routine that is truly hard to come by here in Singapore. Aside from stage performances, Bryan is also heavily involved with street performing, and he is commonly seen entertaining large crowds on the streets of Singapore. He has also performed his street shows at various events such as iLight, Singapore Night Festival and Light to Night Festival.


Circus Arts

Explore the world of Circus first hand as you delve into props that are both fun to learn and great for your personal health! This class starts with beginner level Poi spinning, a prop most commonly associated with fire spinning.  Other props includes Cyr Wheel, Leviwand and Hoop Dance!


Cyr Wheel

This is an introduction to one of Circus Arts’ most iconic props, the elegant yet challenging Cyr Wheel. This beginner class aims to provide students with the foundation and experience necessary to be able to spin on the wheel as soon as possible, while also ableing them to learn various basic manipulation moves which are a fundamental part of Cyr Wheel.