Lay Peng

About Lay Peng

Lay Peng or “Peng” in short, seeded her passion in yoga back in 2012 when she attended classes out of curiosity. Upon connecting with a yoga teacher during a retreat in Chiang Mai, she decided to join the YTT 200hrs in Bali in 2014.

It was a life changing point and yoga becomes not just an exercise but also a philosophy that she adopted in life – finding balance, peace and a deep found joy within. 

Sharing the practices with other students who experience physical  aches and pains or just unhappiness with the body inflexibilities in general, Peng explored Yin Yoga and Pre and Post Natal Yoga courses to build the strength and hence the mobility for students further.

“To me, yoga is a way of life, both physically and more importantly mentally. By opening up the body, you also open up the mind and become happier, stronger and “mind-fuller” ! “


Certifications :

  1. Bachelor of Arts (NUS) 1991 -1994
  2. 200HR RYT in YTT for Vinyasa Yoga (2014)
  3. 18HR RYS in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga (2019)
  4. 50HR RYS in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training (2017)
  5. Standard First Aid with AED (2019)
  6. 85HRS Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Course (2021) 

I am a passionate yogi who had been actively teaching yoga to small groups about 8 years ago. It started on a freelance basis as I was holding a full time corporate job then and I turned full time yoga instructor since the beginning of this year. Currently am teaching in two studios – Ki Yoga at Serangoon and Ohm Shanti Yoga at the Pasir Ris outlet.

For Ki Yoga, I am teaching the Foundation classes (meant for students that are new to yoga), Pre Natal Classes, Grounding Flow Classes (for students that prefer a more flowy vinyasa yoga practise and have some knowledge of yoga) and Stretch Classes (static stretch poses holding for about 2-4 mins each)

For OHM yoga I am teaching the Flow 1 classes (similar to Foundation class) and Yin/Restorative yoga (static stretch poses holding for 3-4 mins each)

What triggered my interest in Pre and Post Natal yoga was to help pregnant mummies to gain  strength and confidence so they have smooth delivery and also facilitate the recovery process after.

The greatest joy of fitness is enjoying the exercise because you love it. And I translate that into developing classes that are stimulating and satisfying experiences for the students. 

Yoga like any other fitness program is a lifestyle for me, not only for physical well being but overall an enhancement to the mind and soul that becomes the motto for living happily, healthily and holistically.

Experiences :

  1. Private yoga teaching in small groups and 1 to 1 sessions since 2015
  2. Ki Yoga studio – Foundation, Yin/Restore, Pre Natal since Jan 2022
  • Grounding (Basic Flow), Stretch from Mar 2022
  1. Ohm Shanti Yoga (Pasir Ris) – Flow, Yin/Restore since Oct 2022 when the studio opened.
  2. Specialises in Vinyasa Flow, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Yin/Restore yoga


  1. Basic Yoga
    This Class will introduce the basic yoga poses so students can learn the proper alignment in a safe and accurate manner.
    Suitable for students who are new to yoga and for regulars that will like to seek proper alignment in their poses.
    Duration : 1 hr

  2. Vinyasa Yoga
    This class will emphazise on aligning breath with yoga poses that are stringed together in a fluid sequential flow that may build up to a peak pose.
    Suitable for students that have some yoga practice and/or prefer a more cardiovascular practice.
    Duration : 1 hr

  3. Yin and Stretch Yoga
    This class will incorporate static poses to hold for an extended period of time so the connective tissues and ligaments get ‘stretched’ and the students become more flexible. Suitable for students who will like to have a more restorative practice, overcome tightness or pains. Also suitable for athletes that will like to have more flexibility complementary to strengthening exercises.
    Duration : 1.5 hrs

  4. Pre Natal Yoga
    This class is for pregnant ladies with breathing techniques and modified asanas that are safe and strengthen the core muscles. This will help to relieve pregnancy aches and pains, facilitate the delivery process as well as smoother recovery after childbirth.
    Only for pregnant ladies with consent from a certified doctor.
    Duration : 1 hr