5 Easy Tips To Be A Better Dancer

Hi everyone! Welcome to Free Movement Dance Solutions and today I'm gonna have five different tips for you to become a better dancer or if you're looking to improve your dancing, you want to watch all the way in this video.
Now, if you're a beginner dancer or if you are a seasoned dancer these tips are going to help you whether it's a reminder or something new that you've never heard before.
PS I'm going to share some bonus tips by the end of the video so don't forget to catch it at the end of it.
So if you're ready to rock and roll and know exactly how it is to become a much better dancer whatever level that you are please keep watching
The first tip - I'm gonna have for you today is a really important tip to me and we've talked about it all the time, which is to take classes consistently whether it's physical classes or online classes you want to make sure that you're always present in these classes, but the most important thing about being present is that you should try, also different types of classes and different genres of dance.
It doesn't matter whether you're trying traditional dancers like ballet and jazz or tap or if you're doing street dances like hip-hop, girls' hip-hop, walking, and stuff like that whatever the genre of dance that you do it's always important to be consistent in taking classes. Now if you're doing more street dances realize that the base and fundamentals for a lot of the street dancers actually come from ballet, which is a traditional dance so it's always good to actually go back to the fundamentals and understand the different techniques as to how it's been evolved over the years. Which I think is really good now if you're a ballerina and you really are thinking of expanding your dance vocabulary, definitely go check out other genres of classes whether it could be Jazz it could be a street dance you know it could be hip-hop whatever it is that floats your boat and you feel that you're connected to the music go try out those classes you'll realize that you start to move very differently and you start to understand the different Vibes and different classes so always make sure that you're looking at taking courses consistently and remember to go into the classes with an open mind and an open heart and a willingness to learn.

Now tip number two - if ever, go to dance class and you felt super out of breath and you have no idea how the other dancers are lasting throughout all of the dances or all the different performances and you are just dying there and out of breath well tip number two is for you you want to make sure that you're gonna train your stamina whether it's going for a run or jog or whether it's doing your core exercises in your own time, you know all these things make a lot of difference when you actually start to dance and it doesn't matter what genre of dance that you actually do but you want to make sure that stamina stamina stamina is always there. Do you realize why your dance instructors are telling you to do your call, why are they telling you to run around the dance studio like X number of times like okay do 10 rounds around the studio and I want you to jog you know yes it's to warm up your body but the main thing is overall generally as a dancer you have to have the stamina well it's not just a stamina that we're talking about in terms of you know overall but you definitely want to work on your core as well, because it's very important your leg strength is really important so get your arms no if you're like me I always struggle with my arms, you know doing all the floor work and all the moves and you know but I was like I've got no strength I'll be trying to do a pillow good work and I'm trying to listen I'm glad so overall stamina overall strength is really important so make sure that you go all out.

Tip number three - now the third tip that I have for you today would be to practice at your own time now if you've ever wondered why sound dancers are just so much better than the other dancers yes you might think it's talent but what I can tell you is that hard work pays off now you realize that all these very established dancers they actually commit a lot more time into the craft right you realize that after dance class, they hit home they practice or after class, they go for another class or after class, you know they have consultations and instructors and stuff like that. There are so many different things that goes on behind the scenes that you don't really think about in class like being in class and being present in class is really different because the trains are absorb as much as you can you're trying to memorize the steps of trying to be able to correct yourself and that's a lot of things but when you're actually taking all of that home and you're gonna practice at home by yourself, you'll realize that you actually, start to reflect on what happened in class you also start to wonder okay how can I do things better how can I internalize the musicality better some people learn faster some, people learn slower for me I'm actually quite a slow learner when it comes to dance so taking the time to really internalize a lot of the counts and the steps really helps me a lot best part yet watch the video of your rehearsal watch the video of your performance your competition on whatever it is and start to see how can actually improve from there stand in front of the mirror do the steps or take a video of yourself doing the steps we look at that and keep going from there. Practicing at home is something that nobody can take away from you but most importantly please don't get injured at home have a proper dance floor have a proper mirror if you have and of course most importantly if you're doing any other traditional dancers having a belly button is all that being said that leads us to

Tip number four - so step number four is something that I'm guilty of a lot of
time which is to go full out now if you're not sure what exactly full out is you know when you're dancing you realize that I'm sure to say okay you can mark out your steps or you can go full out right so marking up the steps means that okay if you're gonna go five six seven eight one two three four that would be marking but if you're going full out you're gonna go exit exit and you know with all of the different Expressions hitting the counts and making sure that you're putting all of your energy into it so when you're actually marking your steps you're kind of just going okay this is on one this is on two this is on three this is on four right so you're going full out you're gonna make sure that you hit your oops I'm gonna so you want to make sure that you're actually um going full out into all of your steps time so that okay so that you get into the motion of it if you mark your steps too many times your body is going to think that marking the steps is okay and it's normal they're not you gotta make sure that you go Fuller all the time so your body actually understands its body. Master is another thing body memory is one more thing as well so your body remembers what you keep doing in repetition so the more you repeat it full out the more your body remembers the only reason why marking or marking your steps has come into place is to really conserve energy because if you fuller all the time you realize that you're gonna lose a lot of energy and by the end of it when you're supposed to do your showcase or just do the final run you realize that you're losing energy so that's the reason why people say sometimes our instructors say okay let's just mark through the steps or I could be just listening to the music and getting accounts right but other than that go full out show yourself that you can do it show everyone else that you're here your presence and you're fully want to absorb everything that's going in the car going full out is so important. By the way, if I find these tips really helpful to you don't forget to like and subscribe below and comment down if you have any questions at all.

The fifth tip that I have for you is to confidently execute the movements what I mean by that is honestly it doesn't matter if you screw up because that's all part of the learning process so when you have the moments to really showcase yourself or when you actually have the moments to actually throw out your full energy and to really go and enjoy the music and the dance go for it be confident in it, you know there's no point dancing and going one two three four you don't want to mouse the towns you want to be able to confidently do it listen to the music enjoy the music and really go into it the best way of course is not to think so much at the steps because your body is a muscle it remembers things and that's why you have class the more you do it more your body internalizes it so that by the end of it hopefully you're able to tell yourself mentally and physically to confidently execute. It's okay if you screw up, there is always time to practice at home again the same choreography. so being confident of the choreography of the dance is a lot about practice it's not so much about each every every time I have to make sure that I am perfect and I'm executing, well no, confidence comes to practice as well it's a habit today you learn a choreography you sucked in class that's fine go home to the choreography, break it down, learning yourself keep doing it and doing it and doing it and mastering it that the next time you go for another class with a different choreography you are able to get into the rhythm better you're able to understand it better with your body mastering the previous choreography you take the second career field goal hold practice it again and then keep going from there, trust me you're gonna get more confident and now for the bonus tips of today really important tips but um it's based on very real and true life experiences.

So my First bonus tip for you today is to clear your nose okay you're gonna ask me Sandra what in the world are you saying? what do you mean clear your nose in my experience when I don't clear my nose before I dance I tend to be out of breath a lot quicker so what? That means before I go on stage for performance also before I go for I go to the washroom I take a piece of tissue paper and I blow my nose to clear my nose trust me, it makes a lot of difference when you're out of breath and you really really to go on and you're wondering how in the world do my friends have all the stamina because your nose is not cleared so help yourself with the breath help yourself with the breathing that helps when you have a clear nasal system going on you can breathe well and you can breathe with your movements. Ah yes well that's tip number two which is to dance with people who are better than you I'm sure you've heard of how the more you hang out around people the more you become like them so true so dance with dancers who are more experienced or a lot better than you and you are definitely up your level first of all, you're not be uncomfortable and you'll get to your goal one day stay around people who are much better than you learn from them watch them understand how they execute their movements. girlfriend bonus tip number three train your musicality because it's so important to be able to counter music and learn the account now counting the music has many different types and ways we have another video that's coming up that's gonna be about that musicality so learning how to count music because content music has so many different types so many different ways interpretations as well, so we'll talk about that in another video but train your musicality to be able to listen and spot the account lasted for you today which is to look for an instructor that you can look up to well I think the convenience is always important it's also always important to look for instructors that you can look up to and that you can ask questions and who's willing to share with you. It takes time to find the right instructor, but me it makes a whole lot of difference so I hope that you found that really useful for you today and your grand effort to become a much better dancer than you amazingly already are.

I hope that some of the tips actually connected with you and that you're able
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