Easy Warm Up For Dancers

Hi everyone! My name is Putra welcome to Free Movement Solutions YouTube Channel!

In today's video I'm going to show you guys how to warm up before your dance practices or maybe before your dance class dance rehearsals literally anything just a very quick warm-up just so that you can get ready to dance. Usually, before I start dancing I would go ahead with neck stretches and then hit quotations. It's very important for you to stretch, it's very important for you to mobilize your body in a way where you really really need to have a very deep stretch in order for you to prevent injuries.

Afterwards, I go ahead and do feet and wrist rotations together and the reason why I do this rotation I just feel like it helps me where it helps me to get comfortable doing hand movements so it's more warmth so that I can do any movements much more comfortably.

Afterwards, for body stretches you want to stretch your body as far as it can go and try your best to have a deep stretch and by doing so I would typically just breathe in then breathe out while stretching out even more and I feel like taking deep breaths while stretching out more deeper it actually helps me to go more further so yeah I would suggest you guys doing the breathing method and then just breathe through the uncomfortableness the or you guys can find it painful just do it you can totally see the difference if you breathe through it.

And then leg stretches so leg stretches is very important because we obviously use legs to dance and I would definitely focus more on leg stretches because I really have short legs up and sometimes my legs can get very very lazy or it gets very restricted so this stretches is very important a really really go deep stretches for my legs. And also remember to keep your feet on the floor when you do like stretches because you know I know that sometimes you can't really balance but trust me it's it's gonna make the stretch even more I really don't know how to explain but you really really have to make sure that your feet is on the floor.

So, that's the end of the video I hope you guys have learned a thing or two and I really hope that you guys really stretch before your dance practices, rehearsals because it's really gonna prevent any potential injuries and we really don't want that you know I hope you guys enjoyed this video do like and subscribe don't forget to comment down below what kind of videos you guys want to see we might just do it. Thank you so much for watching our videos and we'll see you in the next one!

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