How To Spot Clean Your Dance Costumes

 Hi, let’s talk about spot cleaning your dance costumes. A lot of the times for our costumes we accidentally get lipstick stains on our dance costumes and things like that. So how exactly can we clean it? It’s pretty simple. There’s a couple of things that you will need to help you with the whole process.

First things first, there are a couple of things here that you can try to use. We got baking soda, standard laundry soap, NO bleach, vanish, or you can use anything similar that tries to remove any stubborn stains, and of course we have isopropyl alcohol (70%).

So let’s start with these powders first. So, we’ve got lots of stains here. We’ve got lipstick stains, blusher stains, we’ve got mascara stains even. So let’s try to remove these stains. We need a white towel, this is important to put underneath the stained fabric. If you’re using any powders, we’re going to start by making a paste out of the powders. Once you pour some out, add a little bit of water and make it very pasty. Not too much water. And once you have a paste, you’re going to start putting it onto the stains. All you need to do is put this here. Gently rub it into the fabric and let it do its magic. What we’re going to do is leave it over there for about half an hour, just so we can remove all these stains.

Now, we’re going to do it the second way. You can use any of these ways, we’re just giving you suggestions and whichever that’s convenient for you, you can try. Grab some of the stain remover powder. Again, we’re going to make a paste out of it. Put a bit of water, make it into a paste. Once you at happy with are just going to put it onto the stain. See how we’re covering the stain in a thick layer, that’s really what we want. Once I’ve got the paste fully covering the stain, I’ll just gently rub it in. For all of them, we’re going to leave it there for about half an hour.

Lastly, one of my favourite ways to remove stains is by using isopropyl alcohol. You can find this at local pharmacies. Pour some out. You will want to pour it out so that it doesn’t stain any of the alcohol that’s left inside the bottle. Get some cotton buds or Q-tips. Dip it in, and we’re going to gently wipe it. Now, the reason we put a towel at the back of the fabric is because we want the towel to be absorbing any of the stains. Next, we are going to grab some paper towels, fold it, and we’re going to gently rub the stain. You can see how it’s really coming out! Repeat this process with the isopropyl alcohol until you’re done.

Once you’re done covering up all of your spots with one of the ways we’ve mentioned, just add a little bit more water and gently scrub. Basically you want to agitate the fabric a little bit, just so that it really removes and goes all the way in to remove the stains. Now, don’t worry if it doesn’t work for the first time, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 washes.

Once you’re done gently agitating the fabric, now we’re going to dip it into the water and wash. Get a little bit of your laundry detergent, pour it into the water, and you’re just going to stir the water a little bit just to mix it up. Once you’re ready, dip it in, and gently scrub. Now you want to do just a slight gentle motion, don’t rub it too hard, just gently scrub it like that, move it in different directions. And if your fabric has stretch, you can also gently stretch it a little bit and then scrub.

After you’re done scrubbing, gently rinse it in just plain water. You can see this is the result! You can definitely do this at home, take your time, try it on little spots first if you have a lot of spots. Once you’re done and all is good, dry it up with the towel way and you’re done!

Now we can see why we have the white towel underneath the fabric in the first place, it has grabbed all of these stains from the fabric. Now, this is important.

So we hope you’ve found this useful. If you have, please like and subscribe here and also, comment down below if you have any questions, and we’ll be more than happy to answer. Have fun with your dance costumes, and just keep dancing!

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