Let's Learn Chinese Dance | Beginner

Bryan: So I'm really excited today I have time with Xiao Jing here to teach me this "potato", 1/8 of Chinese Dance choreography. I'll try my best. Although I don't have a graceful figure like Xiao Jing, I'll try my very best.

Before we start, can I wear shoes?

Xiao Jing: I think it's better to remove your shoes.

Bryan: Okay, give me a moment.
Alright, I'm back.

Xiao Jing: Let's stand in this posture. We must have some elegance because we are doing Chinese Dance.

Place your right feet in front and left feet diagonally behind.
Raise your left heel.
Your left knee should be directly behind your right knee.
Stand up straight.
Straighten your right leg.
Lean your weight to the front.
Stomach in.
Straighten up. Good!
Let me have a look. Very nice.
Now, use your forearms to draw a circle.
Nice! Remember your hands and fingers gesture.

Bryan: Oh wait! I learned this earlier.
(Link to Xiao Jing interview here)

Xiao Jing: Over here, lift up your back leg.
Okay, one more time.
When your forearms draw a circle, your head follows the motion and turn one round.
When your hands reach this position, stand tall and upright, lift up your toes.
Okay, put your feet down first.
Why are your shoulders so tense?
Now let's try to tilt our body to the right side.

Bryan: Oh my goodness!

Shoulder down.
Good! Nice!
Now lift your back leg up.
Eyes look further out.
Once we are in this position, put your back leg down first,
and turn one round.
Then we go into a seated position.
We can put our hands in front, and look up.

Bryan: Cramps! Cramps! Oh my God! Chinese Dance is not easy.

Xiao Jing: Let's put the moves all together.

Bryan: Welcome to Episode One of "potato" learns Chinese Dance,
otherwise known as 马铃薯.

So, Xiao Jing 老师, my first potato lesson at Chinese Dance, thank you very much.
How did I do?

Xiao Jing: Oh, you really learn very well. Firstly, you are able put aside the original Bryan, and absorb the dance moves that I have taught you. So although he is imitating some of my more feminine dance moves, but he tried his best at it. And he really is a fast learner.

Bryan: Xiao Jing is really, really a very patient teacher. You can't see it in the video, but when she's adjusting my posture, I felt it. It's like...
"Stand straight!"
"Stomach go in!"
She is really, really a very good teacher and I think it will be worth it to learn from her. 马铃薯(potato) might come back for a 2nd episode.

Xiao Jing: "Sure!"

Bryan: Hah! By then, I'll become French Fries.

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