Studio Copeland Access

Accessing Studio Copeland on Level 2: A Comprehensive Guide from Our Video (UPDATED VIDEO COMING SOON!)



Studio Copeland: 24/7 Self-Service Dance Studio Access Video   

Welcome to Studio Copeland, located on Level 2 of Free Movement Dance Solutions! This 24/7 self-service dance studio is your personal haven for dance, and we've created this step-by-step guide based on our video to ensure you can access and enjoy everything it has to offer. Let's get started!

0:26 How to Open the Lock:

Just like Studio Graham, Studio Copeland is secured with a smart lock system. Use your unique access code sent to you via your booking confirmation email to unlock the door and enter.

0:52 Turn On Everything Inside Studio Copeland:

Upon entry, set the mood for your dance session by turning on the lights and any other equipment you plan to use.

1:01 How to Use the Equipment:

Explore the equipment available in Studio Copeland. Whether it's ballet barres or yoga blocks, they're here to enhance your dance experience.

1:20 Sanitize the Equipment:

Prioritize hygiene by sanitizing any equipment or accessories you've used before and after your dance session. Sanitizing supplies are provided for your convenience.

1:34 Turn Off Everything Inside the Studio:

When your dance session is complete, be sure to turn off all equipment and lights. Help us conserve energy and keep Studio Copeland in top condition.

1:48 Grab Your Drinks and Pay via PayLah! or PayNow:

Stay hydrated with your drinks, and when you're ready to settle the bill, use PayLah! or PayNow for a quick and easy transaction.

2:01 Self-Service Retail Store:

For those wearing dance heels, we've got you covered with heel protectors to ensure a smooth dance experience.

2:16 Vanity Area:

Freshen up and feel your best at our vanity area, equipped with the essentials to help you look and feel great.

2:30 Shower Room:

If you need a post-dance shower, our studio has a shower room ready for your convenience.

2:45 Washroom:

Our washroom is clean and easily accessible for your comfort.

2:50 Balcony:

Step out onto the balcony to take in some fresh air and enjoy a change of scenery.

3:07 Exiting the Studio:

As you wrap up your dance adventure in Studio Copeland, make sure to lock the studio securely using the smart lock system. Your access code works for both entry and exit.


Accessing and enjoying Studio Copeland on Level 2 is a breeze with these straightforward steps. We hope this guide enhances your dance experience and helps you make the most of your time in this vibrant self-service dance studio. Dance freely, stay safe, and let Studio Fosse be your dance sanctuary! 🩰🕺💃

 Studio Copeland: Dance Studio on Level 2 laid with our professional Freedom Marley Dance Mat
Studio Copeland: Shatterproof Mirror on Wheels means that you can move the mirrors to different angles you need!
Studio Copeland: Quality Harman Kardon Speakers with Yoga Mats available for your use!