Studio Yulia Access

24/7 Self-Service Access to Studio Yulia on Level 1: A Step-By-Step Guide  



At Free Movement Dance Solutions, we're all about making dance accessible and convenient. Studio Yulia is your 24/7 self-service dance sanctuary, and we've created this comprehensive guide based on our video to ensure you can make the most of your dance experience. Do watch the above video IN FULL before coming over for your studio booking as it is a self-service dance studio. Let's dive right in!


1. Accessing the Studio

  1. Find Your Confirmation Email:

    • Locate the email containing your access details.
  2. Retrieve the Access Code:

    • Check for the access code required to enter.
  3. Unlock the Front Door:

    • Shift the cover
    • Turn the number dials to the specified code 
    • Open the black lock
    • Use the key provided to unlock the door
    • Return the key immediately to the lock, close and scramble the numbers for security
    • push the cover back into place

    2. Shoes Policy

    • Indoor Dance Shoes Allowed:

      • Dance shoes such as ballet shoes, jazz shoes, foot thongs, tap shoes are allowed. All dance heels require heel protectors which can be bought at our retail space on level 2
    • Outdoor Shoes Worn Indoors To Dance:

      • Use provided cleaning supplies to clean before entering, otherwise a cleaning fee will be imposed
    • Outdoor Shoes Otherwise NOT ALLOWED:

      • Remove and place on the floor outside

    3. Studio Introduction

    • Settle In:

      • Place your bags down.
      • Adjust the lights and air conditioning to your comfort.
    • Audio Equipment:

      • Instructions for the Harmon Kardon Speaker are posted on the wall.

    4. Purchase and Payment

    • Retail and Refreshments:

      • Select drinks for purchase.
    • Payment Options:

      • Pay via QR code using PayNow or PayLah!, or use cash (cash box located on the fridge.
    • Available Amenities:

      • Help yourself to complimentary sweets.
      • Utilize ballet barres & yoga mats. 
      • Sanitize and return items to their original positions after use.
      • Rent phone stands for $2 as needed
      • Curtains can be drawn, open fully and HOOK BACK once done
    • Cleaning Supplies:

      • Sanitizers wipes and tissues are available.
      • Broom, flat mop, vacuum cleaner are available.

    5. Changing Facilities, Washroom & First Aid 

    • Facilities Overview:

      • Use washroom next to food centre outside the studio
      • Changing Room available
      • Catalogue of our costumes and Marley Mats available
      • Mannequin for rhinestoning fun, ensure rhinestone glue is capped back right after use
    • Terrapin & Fish Tank Rules: 
      • DO NOT PUT fingers in the tank
      • Follow our rules stated clearly, Free Movement Solutions is not liable for any injury caused
      • Do not lean on tank
      • Do not knock the tank
      • Terrapin feed for $2 if you wish to feed them. Pay via PayLah! or PayNow or cash. Leave the empty packet in the box when done.
    • Safety Equipment:

      • Locate the First-Aid kit next to cleaning supplies
      • Locate the fire extinguisher at the corner of the studio

    6. Closing Procedures

    • Preparing to Leave:

      • Place rented phone stand back to the original positions
      • Return ballet barres & all equipments to their original location.
      • Open & HOOK BACK curtains 
    • Turning Off Studio Equipment:
      • Switch off studio lights, air conditioning and audio equipment.
    • Final Checks:

      • Gather your belongings.
      • Ensure curtains are HOOKED BACK
      • Confirm all checklist items are complete.
    • Locking Up:
      • Retrieve the key from the key holder

      • Use the key provided to lock the door.

      • Return the key to the lock, close and scramble numbers. Cover the number dials with the cover.


    Dancing at Studio Yulia is a breeze with these easy steps. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your dance experience at our 24/7 self-service studio.  Do watch the above video IN FULL before coming over for your studio booking. Dance freely, stay safe, and enjoy every moment on the dance floor! 🩰🕺💃