Studio Graham Access

Accessing Studio Graham: A Step-by-Step Guide from Our Video

Studio Graham: 24/7 Self-Service Dance Studio Access Video

At Free Movement Dance Solutions, we're all about making dance accessible and convenient. Studio Graham is your 24/7 self-service dance sanctuary, and we've created this comprehensive guide based on our video to ensure you can make the most of your dance experience. Let's dive right in!

0:11 How to Open the Lock:

Studio Graham is secured with a smart lock system. To access it, you'll need the access code provided to you via the email confirmation you received upon booking. Enter the code, and you're in!

0:38 Turn On Everything in the Studio:

Once inside, you'll find everything you need to set the mood for your dance session. Turn on the lights, music system, and any other equipment you plan to use.

0:58 Grab Your Drinks and Pay Via PayLah! or PayNow:

Stay hydrated during your dance session! Grab your drinks, and when you're ready to pay, use PayLah! or PayNow for a hassle-free transaction.

1:15 Use Any of the Accessories:

Feel free to explore the accessories available in the studio. Whether it's yoga mats, resistance bands, or ballet barres, they're all at your disposal to enhance your dance experience.

1:25 How to Sanitize All the Equipment:

We prioritize hygiene and safety. Use the provided sanitizing supplies to clean any equipment or accessories you've used before and after your session.

1:42 Where to Find the First Aid Kit:

Safety first! The first aid kit is located in an easily accessible spot. Familiarize yourself with its location in case you ever need it.

2:47 Self-Service Retail Store:

Explore our shop for all your dancewear needs. We offer a wide range of dance apparel and accessories to complement your dance journey.

3:03 Vanity Area:

Freshen up after your dance session at our vanity area. It's equipped with the essentials to help you feel your best.

3:14 Shower Area:

If you need a post-dance shower, our studio has you covered. Freshen up and leave feeling rejuvenated.

3:33 Washroom Area:

Our washroom area is clean and well-maintained. It's conveniently located for your comfort.

4:04 Fire Extinguisher:

Safety is paramount. Familiarize yourself with the location of the fire extinguisher, although we hope you'll never need it.

4:06 Turn Off Everything After Use:

Once your dance session is complete, be sure to turn off all equipment, lights, and music. Help us conserve energy and keep the studio in great condition.

4:39 How to Lock the Studio:

As you exit, don't forget to lock the studio using the smart lock system. Your access code works for both entry and exit.


Dancing at Studio Graham is a breeze with these easy steps. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your dance experience at our 24/7 self-service studio. Dance freely, stay safe, and enjoy every moment on the dance floor! 🩰🕺💃

Studio Graham: Fully equipped dance studio!
We have two studios for you to choose from; Studio Graham and Studio Fosse! Check out our comparison table below to see the difference between both studios!
Studio Graham: Harman Kardon Speakers
Studio Graham: Yoga Mats 
Studio Graham: Signage
Studio Graham: Shelves for bags
 Studio Graham: Curtains to cover mirrors