FM Freedom Dance Mat

Introducing the Free Movement Freedom Dance Mat which is a heavy duty dance mat that is perfect for home! Our dance floors are portable, easy to keep, waterproof, fire resistant, wear resistant, easy to clean and more importantly serves dancers by absorbing shock. Our dance mat can be laid down over any hard and smooth surfaces. We do not recommend placing it over carpet. 

Keep the dance mat by rolling it up. Saves space.


Free Movement's Freedom Dance Mat is ideal for Tap, Flamenco, Irish Dance, Ballroom, Salsa, Latin Dance, Pole Dance, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, K-Pop, Modern Dance, Zumba, Ballet and other dance fitness activities.


Choose from the sizes available here! If you would like to customise the size of the dance mat for your home, do reach out to us at +65 8754 7731 via WhatsApp. Measurements are in metres.


Available in light grey and black.



During this period, we are consolidating orders every single day to ensure the fastest delivery time possible. We are pushing hard and working with our partner courier companies to have the home studio barres, poles and dance mats delivered as soon as we can.  

We have 2 options for courier:

- Express Courier delivers in about 7-8 working days 

- Standard Courier (FREE) delivers in about 10-14 working days 

However we are all also subjected to conditions not within our control and the timeframe may vary, keep safe and keep dancing!

  • $125.00