Vivace Marley Mat

  • $169.00

Introducing the Free Movement Solutions™ Vivace Marley Mat which is perfect for home and studio! Our Marley Mats are portable, easy to keep, waterproof, fire resistant, wear resistant, easy to clean and more importantly absorbs shock. Perfect for turns, jumps and floor work! Our flooring can be laid down over any hard and smooth surfaces. We do not recommend placing it over carpet. 

Keep the dance mat by rolling it up. Saves space. Each Marley Mat comes with elastics hand sewn by us! Convenience is key! 


Free Movement Solutions™ Marley Mats are ideal for fitness and dance activities. 

 Love it or we have a 100% money back guarantee.


 Save the environment with our recyclable dance mats!


Installations only available in Singapore. The Free Movement™ Team will call you to arrange for an installation date with you.


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If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, drop us an email within 30 days of receiving it and we will make it right. 100% Refund or Replacement Guarantee.


 1. Which Marley Mat should I choose?

Check out the table above that we have created. Choose according to the type of dance and fitness activities you love to do. To make it simple, if you only go barefooted or wear soft shoes like Ballet shoes, foot thongs and street shoes, all the Free Movement™ Marley Mats are for your choosing! If you are usually in heels, tap shoes or any other hard shoes, choose our Free Movement Solutions™ Maple Oak Marley Mat as the top most surface prevents punctures to the mat. 


2. I do many types of dances and fitness activities, which should I pick?

For instance, you or your child does Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics and Gymnastics, go for any of our Free Movement™ Marley Mats. If you do any other forms that requires hard shoes, go for our Free Movement™ Maple Oak Marley Mat, you will love it!


3. Can I customise the size of my Marley Mat?

If you would like to customise the size of the dance mat for your home, do reach out to us at +65 8754 7731 via WhatsApp, email us or DM on any social media platform. Let us know your measurements in metres! Do note that all customised products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 


4. Which size should I pick?

We always recommend getting as big a size as your space can fit. Why? Because with dance and fitness activities, you will be travelling and not staying on the spot all the time. Of course, it is important to note that the size of you mat should fit your space! We have many clients who lay the entire living room with our Free Movement™ Marley Mats, then put their sofa and tv console on top, since they want it to be there on the floor always for easy exercises! No more rolling of mats!


5. Can you deliver worldwide?

YES WE CAN! (: Free Shipping worldwide for our 1.8x1m Marley Mats! However do note that for very bulky mats for example 1.8x10m to 1.8x20m, some couriers internationally will not be able to carry them up stairs, so best to have a lift for access to high floors. Before delivery, our courier partners will contact you. Time to get help from some friends! 


6. Will there be any delays during this Covid period?

Truth to be told, yes. We are keeping this very real, we want to deliver your order as soon as possible, but we are adjusting with these trying times. We all want a fast delivery, so hang in tight, your home studio will be ready soon!


7. If I already have a Free Movement™ Marley Mat, can I join one more mat next to it to create a bigger surface area?

Yeap, you got it! We recommend getting Marley Tape from us to join them together. Choose from either Free Movement™ Marley Top Tape or Free Movement™ Double Sided Marley Tape. 


8. What if my floor surface is not hard and smooth?

We do not recommend laying your Marley Mat on carpet. If your floor surface is not smooth, we recommend engaging a contractor to level out the surface. If you are using Marley tape on floor surfaces such as cement, wooden floors etc test on a small surface first if the Marley tape will lift the flooring. Sometimes old floors will lift so it is best to always try and test on a small area.


9. What is the difference between a yoga mat and the Free Movement™ Marley Mat?

Yoga mats are not designed to handle high-impact exercises. Marley Mats on the other hand does. Moreover, our Marley Mats offer much bigger sizes because we of the need to travel and move around. Turns, Jumps, Cardio, Hiit and more typically requires bigger movements. So Marley Mats are the way to go!


10. When should I start using a Marley Mat?

If you want to prevent dance and fitness related injuries, the answer is NOW! Marley Mats are for everyone into dance and fitness. Why? Because our specialised layer of cushion helps with injury prevention by absorbing shock to your hips and joints. Start educating the young ones the importance of understanding injury prevention. Free Movement™ Marley Mats are for the whole family!


11. Are they pet-friendly?

Absolutely! Our Marley Mats are waterproof, fire resistant, wear resistant and easy to clean. If your fur baby accidentally pees on your mat, no problem, just wipe away! Here's the next challenge, trying to get your paw friend away from the mat!


12. How sustainable are the Marley Mats?

Our Marley Mats are recyclable, plus if you are looking to upgrade your Marley Mat always first look at gifting or reselling them to someone else. You never know whose life will be saved from injuries!