Being Socially Responsible while Enjoying Dance and Fitness Activities

As Singapore begins its transition from treating Covid-19 as a "pandemic" to "epidemic" (i.e. learning to live with the virus, similar to how we handle the common flu), more community cases are expected to occur, even with more than 80% of the population vaccinated. While the government is trying to minimise the number of instances that would require another Heightened Alert or Circuit Breaker, they have also stated that they would not hesitate to implement harsher measures should the need arise.


The Dance and Fitness community needs to be careful and responsible. Our activities have been identified as "high risk settings" given the heavier breathing and increased instances of "mask-off" activities, and have been more prone to closures during times of tightened measures (as experienced during Phase 2 HA). It is thus very important that each of us continue to do our part to keep our studios, instructors and each other safe and healthy, and to minimise the chances of a shut down of the dance and fitness industry.


Personal Responsibility

1. Always wear your mask if possible

Even if your studio allows for masks-off activities, you might consider wearing your masks as far as possible, especially if you find that it has minimal impact on your breathing. If you do need to take of your mask to catch your breath, do so in a less crowded area of the studio so that you're less likely to breathe into someone else, and put your mask back on as soon as possible.


2. Bring extra masks with you 

It is always good to bring a few extra masks with you, in case your masks gets damp with sweat and condensation after an intense workout. Continuing to wear a mask that has become "soiled" after an extended period of heavy breathing may not only be uncomfortable for you, but will also decrease the effectiveness of a the mask. Change to a fresh mask after your work out!


3. Wash your hands before and after class/your workout

This is particularly important if you know you'll be doing partner work or dancing/exercising in a group. Wash or sanitise your hands before your activity so that dirt or germs you might have accidentally touched will not be transferred to the people you are dancing or exercising with. Additionally, washing your hands after class ensures that any bacteria or germs you might have picked up from touching surfaces around you will be washed off as well.


4. Bring the equipment you need - minimise borrowing

Whenever possible, try to bring your own equipment (such as yoga mats, blocks, stretch bands etc.) to minimise the need for sharing or renting from your studio/gym or friends.


5. Keep your friends updated

If you dance with a partner or group, be honest and responsible about your possible exposures. If you feel mild symptoms, do not try to hide it from them. Inform them that you are not feeling well and do not meet up with them until you know that you are not contagious. Telling your dance crew or workout buddies about this allows them to track their interactions with you and watch out for the relevant symptoms, thus enabling them to take care of themselves and their families better.

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