Meet Our New Vivace Mats

With the current restrictions and closures of dance and fitness studios, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home is a conducive space for your dance and fitness activities. And while the circumstances could be better, we think that the introduction of the latest member to our Marley Mat family, the Vivace mat, comes at the perfect time. 

We're so grateful for all the support that our newest mat has already received, and for those of you have are still looking into the right flooring and mats for your home studio, we've decided to give you some greater insight into the Vivace mat!


1. New and Improved: Increased thickness and cushioning effect

The new Vivace mat is our thickest yet at 5mm (as compared to the 3.5mm studio mat and the 4.5mm Oak mat). While this may not seem like a lot, in reality this extra thickness means that the Vivace mat is able to provide additional cushioning support when you are doing your steps and jumps. This feature protects your feet and legs, ensuring that you are able to do high-impact activities with the assurance that your mat will provide you the proper support. This helps minimise the risk of injury, while maximising your comfort as a dancer!


2. New and Improved: greater noise and vibration absorption 

With more people staying at home now, it is important to be considerate to your family and neighbours as well! Our new Vivace mats help with that. Their increased ability to absorb noise and vibrations minimise the disruptions you may cause to those around you. Without needing to worry about the noise you may cause with your fitness and dance activities, you can put all your attention in your class and activities!


3. Easy to set up and easy to keep

Like all our Marley mats, the Vivace mat allows for an easy set up before your class. Simply find a free spot in your house and roll out your mat, and you're all set to go for your dance and fitness class! Our mats have a good grip on their bottoms, ensuring that they won't slip around under you when you're going full out. Once you're done, simply roll the mat back up, and it's all ready to be stored away until you next need it!




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