The Importance of Good Flooring

Whatever dance or fitness activity you plan to succeed in, you have to work from the ground up, and we mean this literally. Proper flooring/mats is the foundation of any safe and conducive activity space. Whether you're a studio owner/instructor who is concerned for the well being of their students, a dancer or fitness enthusiast who wants to get extra practice at home during your free time, or a concerned parent worried about the wellbeing of your child, investing in the proper flooring is a necessary step for injury prevention.


Don't get us wrong, there are many factors that contribute to the safety and well being of dancers. Proper technique when dancing and working out is vital, as is proper instruction and guidance from your teachers and coaches. Additionally, even with all these in place, it is still possible to get injured because of a variety of unforeseeable circumstances. However, proper flooring can and will help to minimise your chances of getting injured. By setting up your dance space with professional and safe flooring, you will immediately create an environment that is physically safer for the dancer/fitness enthusiast in your life.


Proper flooring have a cushioning and energy/vibration absorbing effect. This is importance because it provides a softer base for you to land on when doing high intensity movements and jumps. The absorption of energy prevents a hard landing, which could in turn prevents foot and leg injuries such a sprains and fractures. In cases of falls and slips, the cushioning effect will provide a softer surface for you to land on, thus minimising any bruises or serious injuries from occurring.


With the proper flooring in place, you will also have the confidence to commit to your movements and activities more. When you have the reassurance that your environment is safe, you have the peace of mind to go full out in whatever activity you are engaging in. When you are more sure of yourself and move more confidently, you also move with more purpose. Having the proper flooring ensures that you can be confident in each step that you take next, and allows to put any doubts of your safety, and yourself, at ease!


Now that you know how important the proper flooring can be, check out our variety of Marley mats (as well as our bundles) for your studio or home studio needs! Whatever dance style, size or aesthetic you're going for, we've got you (and your floor) covered! 

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