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  • Doing the Things that Scare You – Pushing your Personal Dance and Fitness Boundaries

    Fear is an interesting element in dance and fitness, particularly because it can manifest in many different ways. When we dwell on our fears for too long, to the point that we shut ourselves off from trying anything new, the apprehension brought about by our fear becomes counterproductive, and makes us hold back on many potentially fulfilling and exciting experiences. It is therefore important to overcome our fears in dance and fitness activities. View Post
  • Consent in Dance and Fitness - Respecting physical boundaries

    Consent is a vital part of dance and fitness, yet it is rarely discussed. Beyond the bare minimum that individuals consent to when they agree to participate in a specific dance or fitness activity, it is important that we do not assume consent, and start to facilitate and promote open conversations about consent and comfort with various physical interactions when dancing or working out with others. View Post
  • The Dangers of Over and Under Confidence

    Confidence is tricky - have too much of it and it can cause you to become arrogant. Have too little and it can hold your back from achieving your personal best. It is important to recognise that both over and under confidence can risk your personal safety and future progression, and it is more important to know how you can prevent either from occuring. View Post