Background of Dance

  • Consent in Dance and Fitness - Respecting physical boundaries

    Consent is a vital part of dance and fitness, yet it is rarely discussed. Beyond the bare minimum that individuals consent to when they agree to participate in a specific dance or fitness activity, it is important that we do not assume consent, and start to facilitate and promote open conversations about consent and comfort with various physical interactions when dancing or working out with others. View Post
  • Raising the Barre - The ever increasing standards of dance and sports

    The dance and sports worlds are ever evolving and changing. Every decade, it becomes a little bit more difficult to impress audiences and judges, and so new tricks and more advanced technical skills are developed and trained in order to keep people captivated and interested. These growing standards come hand in hand with increased expectations and pressures on athletes, who have to train harder and longer to stay in the game. View Post
  • Get to Know the Dances - Hip Hop

    Welcome back to our “Get to know the Dances!” series! In the spotlight this week is Hip Hop - the "jack of all trades" of dances, Hip Hop is influenced by almost all genres of dance, with features from both classical as well as more modern styles. It is an ever evolving style that is a long established crowd-pleaser. View Post