• Why Tom Daly's knitting is just as important as his diving

    What was our favourite moment of the olympics? Tom Daley knitting in the stands! Not only do we appreciate his very skilled needle work and meaningful designs, we also love how he shared how his knitting directly helped his diving experiences. View Post
  • Raising the Barre - The ever increasing standards of dance and sports

    The dance and sports worlds are ever evolving and changing. Every decade, it becomes a little bit more difficult to impress audiences and judges, and so new tricks and more advanced technical skills are developed and trained in order to keep people captivated and interested. These growing standards come hand in hand with increased expectations and pressures on athletes, who have to train harder and longer to stay in the game. View Post
  • Prioritising Personal Health and Safety - Lessons from the Olympics

    What can the Olympics teach us about prioritising physical and mental health? Athletes often get injured and face great mental stresses, and Olympians, perhaps the most elite group of athletes there are, are no different. Their decisions and reactions in relation to their injuries and health demonstrate important life lessons that the rest of us need to learn, especially in prioritising our own wellbeing. View Post