Achieving Mental Clarity through Dance and Fitness

There are many times in life where we come across mental blocks - maybe you can't find the solution to the problem that you have been pondering over for a while, you have a bad case of writer's block that leaves you feeling uninspired, or you're just in a rut that you can't break out of. The more we try to think our way out of the problem, the worse it seems to get. 


When that happens, it may be time for you to step away from your desk and take a break. But not one that just results in you staring at another screen in a more relaxing context (such as playing on your phone or having a Netflix break). When you find that you've worked yourself into a corner, it's time to put on your dance/fitness shoes and start moving! 


It's no secret that dance and fitness activities offer a multitude of long term benefits, both for a person's physical and mental health. However, most of us seem to forget that it could provide a very viable immediate solution to our mental blocks. Mental blocks occur when we are unable to continue or complete our train of thought. This often occurs because we are too overwhelmed by the many thoughts that we are experiencing and are unable to sort or organise them into a coherent stream. When this occurs, we need to try and achieve mental clarity - having a clear state of mind free of indecision and worry. For some this means restarting their process with a blank state of mind, while for others it means filtering their thoughts to only include the most essential points.


Whatever mental clarity means to you, taking a break and going for a dance or fitness class, or free-styling in your own space, can help you achieve mental clarity in a number of ways:


1. A change of setting

Stepping away from whatever is causing your mental block can sometimes be the best solution. Dance and fitness provides this in two ways. First, it offers a change of your physical setting - away from the computer and into a studio, gym or dance floor. Second, it offers a change in the nature activity you're doing - from a primarily mental one to a primarily physical one. A distinct change in activity can help to reset your thoughts, giving you the clarity you need to go back to your work recharged and ready to go!


2. A change of pace

A mental block can sometimes occur when you feel sluggish - sitting at your desk for too long can make you lethargic, and slows down your ability to think through your work or study tasks. When that happens, a dance or fitness workout can help to get your blood pumping. This will have you feeling invigorated, and might be just what you need to feel inspired to think of new ideas.


3. A change of perspective

When we spend too much time on a problem, we may obsess over the most minute details and lose perspective on the big picture. Dance and fitness give you a much needed break to regain your perspective. Go for a dance/fitness session and immerse yourself in it entirely - by going through the motions during your class, or letting go and allowing your instincts to take over your movements, you may be able to adopt a new outlook to the problem you're trying to work through.



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