Limitless Sprung Floor with Marley Mat

  • $535.00

The Free Movement™ Limitless Sprung Floor features a modular system suitable for your home! Made for all genres of dance and fitness activities (yes it is Tap approved too!). This is a finished sprung floor, which means you are able to dance directly on this sprung floor!

Our Limitless Sprung Floors features dual density shock absorbent pads, which offers better protection from injuries through repeated impact. Sprung floors greatly enhances performance and reduces injuries in the long term. Start protecting yourself and your loved ones early on. Sprung Floors are considered the best flooring for dancers.

We recommend having a semi-permanent space to have your sprung floor laid. Easy to install and maintain.

Panels can be joined together to create bigger floor areas. This would require a permanent space for installation. Reach out to us if you require installation.

Size: 1.2x1.2m
Comes with edge trims.
Marley Mat would come installed.

Note: Grain lines and colour may differ from the pictures as these are naturally sourced hardwood.

Lay any Free Movement™ Marley Mat over the top to complete your setup. Barre seen in pictures is the Free Movement™ Double Barre Pro, 1m in length.


Customise your Free Movement™ Limitless Sprung Floor

We are now offering customisable Free Movement™ Sprung Floors after you have done a 3D Body Scan with our State-Of-The-Art Body Scanner. Once your scan is complete, our team will have a full evaluation and analysis to recommend a customised solution of our Sprung Floors to you. To find out more, reach out to us.