Free Movement™ Self-Service 3D Body Scanner

Book a FREE Body Scan with us for professional recommendations on Marley Dance Mats, Ballet Barres and Sprung Floors! 

Book a FREE Body Scan with us to take your measurements so that we can give size recommendations or create amazing Couture Dancewear for you!

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World's first self-service 3D Body Scanner, your body scan is completed in 3 seconds! Free Movement™ Self-Service 3D Body Scanner uses 16 human-safe IR sensors to put millions of 3D points on the body surface to create an avatar of each person. Take your body scan in a private, comfortable, state of the art 3D Body Scanner. Our scanner allows for you to monitor and track progress to reach your peak state.


Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the 3D body scan process. At the end of the scan, an interactive 3D avatar will be displayed with 10 frequently-used body measurements.

View posture alignments and changes in the body as you take a scan frequently. We recommend a monthly scan to be able to track your progress. Your avatars are stored in the app for access anytime anywhere!

Free Movement™ Self-Service 3D Body Scanner is the leading technology in fitness, health and wellness. Visualise your hardwork and track your fitness journey. Our scanner is for adults and children above the age of 7 years old. The beauty of being able to correct a slouch or a more developed calf on one side seeks to improve your overall fitness journey. 

Let the Free Movement™ team guide you in recommending appropriate flooring and equipment to ensure a safe and exciting journey. Our team of experts will recommend personalised equipments based on you; everyone is unique. Our Marley Floors prevents fitness and dance related injuries. Based on your scan, we will be able to recommend which flooring best suits you.


As seen on The Straits Times, 1 January 2019


Here at Free Movement, we welcome you to the family. We are here to keep you safe and stylish in your journey while embracing technological advancements. Welcome to the new age of technology!