Dancewear for a Cause!

Dancewear for a Cause: Donate, Shop, and Share!

Welcome to our new initiative, Dancewear for a Cause! We are excited to announce a platform where dancers from all backgrounds can come together to contribute and make a positive impact in the dance community. Whether you have gently used dancewear or are looking for affordable secondhand options, this platform has something for everyone. Not only will you be helping dancers in need, but a portion of the proceeds will also go towards supporting a charitable cause. Plus, we are big on saving Mother Earth! We all have a part to play in living sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling. Let's dance our way to kindness and compassion!

 How Does It Work?

We believe in the power of dance to bring joy, self-expression, and discipline to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. By joining Dancewear for a Cause, you can make a difference in several ways:

1. Donate Your Gently Used Dancewear: If you have dancewear, costumes, or dance footwear that you no longer use but is in good condition, please consider donating them. Your generosity can help aspiring dancers access the gear they need to pursue their dreams.

2. Shop: Browse our collection of secondhand dancewear and costumes. With every purchase, you contribute to a charitable cause while getting fantastic deals on quality dancewear.

3. Spread the Word: Share our mission with your fellow dancers, friends, and family. The more people involved, the greater the impact we can make together.

4. Nominate Charities: If you know of any reputable dance-related charities that could benefit from our support, let us know! We are always looking for meaningful partnerships.

At Dancewear for a Cause, we are passionate about creating a positive and inclusive dance community. By donating, shopping, and supporting our cause, you become a part of something greater than dancewear alone – you become a part of a movement that uplifts aspiring dancers and empowers the future generation of artists. Together, let's make a difference, one dance step at a time!

Join us at Free Movement Dance Solutions and let the power of dance and giving change lives!


24/7 Dancewear Donation Locations:

52 Jalan Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399642 (Free Movement Dance Studio)


Please leave your donated items neatly in the allocated collection areas. All items should be in bags. If you would like to join our mailing list, do visibly include your: Name, Surname, Email and Contact Number. 

For any enquiries, contact us via whatsapp at +65 8043 4112.

Thank you for your donations, we appreciate you!