Private Classes

Welcome to Free Movement Dance, where we believe that personalized attention is the key to unlocking your dance potential. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating dance journey with our private dance classes. Whether you prefer individual sessions or group lessons with your friends, our tailored approach will take your skills to the next level and help you achieve your dance goals like never before.

Dancing with Darren Lim!


The Power of Personalized Instruction:

Our private dance classes offer a unique opportunity for focused and individualized instruction. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced dancer aiming to refine specific techniques, our highly skilled instructors will customize each session to meet your unique needs. With undivided attention and personalized feedback, you'll experience rapid progress and gain a deeper understanding of dance.

Tailored to Your Goals:

One of the biggest advantages of private dance classes is the ability to tailor the curriculum to your specific goals. Whether you're preparing for a competition, audition, or simply seeking personal growth, our instructors will work closely with you to design a program that aligns with your aspirations. From choreography to technique, flexibility to musicality, we'll focus on the areas that matter most to you.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Private dance classes provide flexibility and convenience that suit your schedule and lifestyle. Choose the days and times that work best for you, and our instructors will be there to guide you through every step. Whether you prefer regular sessions or occasional intensive workshops, we can accommodate your needs to ensure maximum convenience and progress.

Accelerated Learning:

The intimate setting of private dance classes allows for accelerated learning. With the instructor's full attention, you'll receive immediate corrections and guidance, enabling you to make rapid improvements. The focused environment encourages you to push boundaries, refine your technique, and explore new movement possibilities, ultimately accelerating your dance journey.

Group Classes with Friends:

In addition to individual sessions, we also offer private group classes. Gather your friends, colleagues, or dance enthusiasts and embark on a shared dance adventure. Group classes provide a fun and supportive environment, fostering camaraderie and collective growth. Whether it's for a special event, team-building activity, or simply a fun way to bond, our group classes create memorable experiences and lasting connections.

Confidence and Artistic Expression:

Private dance classes offer a safe space for you to explore your creativity and express yourself fully. Working closely with our instructors, you'll gain confidence in your abilities, discover your unique style, and develop your artistic voice. Embrace the freedom to experiment, take risks, and unleash your true potential as a dancer.

Ready to Elevate Your Dance Journey?

Experience the transformative power of private dance classes with Free Movement Dance. Whether you're an individual seeking personalized instruction or a group looking to embark on a shared dance adventure, our dedicated instructors are here to guide and inspire you every step of the way. Unleash your potential, ignite your passion, and take your dance skills to new heights. Contact us now to schedule your private dance classes and embark on an extraordinary dance experience. Let's dance to greatness together!