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Welcome to Free Movement Dance, where the vibrant world of Street Dance awaits you! Whether you're a complete beginner ready to unleash your moves or an enthusiast looking to explore a new style, our Street Dance classes offer an electrifying experience. Immerse yourself in the energetic realm of Street Dance, where creativity, rhythm, and self-expression come alive.

Street Dance for Beginners

Unleash Your Inner Dancer

Our Street Dance classes are designed specifically for complete beginners who want to discover the joy of urban dance. No prior experience is necessary; our experienced instructors will guide you through the foundational steps, techniques, and grooves of Street Dance. Get ready to step into the world of hip-hop, breakdancing, and freestyle with confidence and style.

The Roots and Evolution of Street Dance

Street Dance emerged in urban communities and gained prominence as a form of self-expression. It encompasses a wide range of styles that have evolved over time, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as hip-hop culture, breakdancing, and contemporary trends. Street Dance embodies individuality, creativity, and the spirit of community.

Fascinating Street Dance Facts

  • Street Dance originated in the streets and clubs of urban neighborhoods.
  • It's deeply connected to hip-hop culture, music, and personal style.
  • Street Dance often incorporates improvisation and freestyle elements.

Celebrated Street Dancers

Discover the dynamic world of Street Dance through these renowned dancers:

  1. Les Twins (Larry and Laurent Bourgeois): French identical twins known for their mesmerizing performances and unique style.
  2. B-boy Lilou (Ali Ramdani): An Algerian-French breakdancer and multiple-time champion in international competitions.
  3. Parris Goebel: A New Zealand choreographer and dancer who gained fame for her innovative hip-hop and urban choreography.


    Types of Street Dance

    Street Dance encompasses various styles, each with its own flavor:

    • Hip-Hop Dance: Reflects the spirit and culture of hip-hop music with its grooves and intricate moves.
    • Breaking (B-boying/B-girling): A form of dance that includes acrobatic and athletic movements often performed on the ground.
    • Locking: Known for its distinctive pauses and distinct arm and hand movements.

    World's Top Street Dance Schools

    1. Broadway Dance Center (New York, USA)
    2. Pineapple Dance Studios (London, UK)
    3. Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio (Los Angeles, USA)
    4. Millennium Dance Complex (Los Angeles, USA)
    5. IDance Academy (Seoul, South Korea)

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    Embark on a journey of self-expression and urban rhythm by enrolling in our Street Dance classes. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to expand your dance repertoire, our Street Dance classes offer an electrifying and liberating experience. To learn more about class schedules and how to join, contact us today. Let the beat guide you as you explore the dynamic world of Street Dance!