Couture Mid Sleeve Slit Back Unitard

  • $290.00

Stylish, well-fitting and comfortable apparel, made specially for you! Whether you're just working out at home, in the studio or stage, our apparel will have you looking good and feeling confident with every step you take. 


Free Movement Solutions™️ apparels are designed with your comfort and safety in mind - with a focus on accurate measurements and a good fit, our dance and fitness wear aims to prevent apparel malfunctions and avoidable accidents. Our priority is to ensure that your fitness wear won't cause you any discomfort or pain.


Scoop neck with asymmetrical cutout on the right shoulder
Elbow-length sleeves with contrasting design on the right arm
scoop back with a keyhole cutout 
Smooth ankle-length unitard

Our couture is designed for durability to ensure that it provides you with the support you need when you're giving it your all, for years to come. 

Free Movement Dance Solutions apparels are customisable to your design preferences. Whether you want something simple and classic, or sparkling and extravagant, our couture is the option for you!



How does your apparel guarantee comfort?

Our apparel is specifically designed for dance and fitness purposes. To ensure that you can move around vigorously and freely in our fitness wear, we place heavy emphasis on the fabrics we use and the fit of the apparel. Our fabrics have 4-way stretch to ensure that you are not limited in your movements. We place heavy emphasis on getting the right fit for apparel as well - it is not too tight that it digs into your body, and it is not too loose that it doesn't provide the right support. Like Goldilocks, we want to get it just right!


What does it mean when you say your apparel achieves "safety"?

Poor fitting apparel can be a risk to your safety when you exercise. If your fitness wear does not provide you with the right support, it can lead to muscle aches and tissue damage in the long term. We at Free Movement believe that proper couture can help prevent this. We use the proper fabrics and accurate measurements to ensure that your fitness apparel provides the necessary support to ensure your safety.

I love the design but want to make a slight change to it - Can I?

Of course you can! All our apparel is made to order, which makes that we can make whatever changes you're looking for. Reach out to us at for our made-to-measure services.


How do I make sure my apparel fits properly?

Watch our Youtube Video below on how to properly take your measurements. Then, you can reference our sizing guide to choose the size best fitted for you!

If our standard sizes don't meet your measurements, reach out to us at for our made-to-measure services.


How sustainable is your apparel?

Our couture can be resold, that is if you are willing to let them go!


What if my apparel is not the right size?

Email or Whatsapp us within 15 days of receiving your order, we will make sure to get it fixed!