Ballet Barre Pro

  • $259.00

The Ballet Barre Pro features a very stable base for safety and security. It is strong and sturdy in nature, yet portable, easy to keep and simple to dismantle.

We offer varying lengths for our single and double tier barres. 

The height of our single tier barre stands at 80cm and the base width is 60cm. Recommended for young dancers.

The height of our double tier barre stands at 80cm for the lower barre and 105cm for the top barre, with the base width of 60cm. Recommended for all dancers, adult and child. 

 Size and colour customisable!

Perfect for ballet and all other forms of fitness and dance workouts. 


Free Movement™ Solutions Barre Pro can be customised to length and colour specifications. Original Barre colour is in White. Do note that Silver, Gold, Black and Rose requires an extra 1-2 weeks approximately for customisation. These colours match closely to our Framed Shatterproof Mirrors on wheels. Note that they are not identical in colour but they are matching colours.  

*Actual weight: 

Single Barre / 1m, around 6.5kg

Single Barre / 1.5m, around 8kg

Single Barre / 1.8m, around 8.7kg

Single Barre / 2m, around 9.5kg

Single Barre / 2.5m, around 10.5kg

Double Barre / 1m, around 8kg

Double Barre / 1.5m, around 9.5kg

Double Barre / 1.8m, around 10.2kg

Double Barre / 2m, around 11kg

Double Barre / 2.5m, around 12kg