How To Build A Dance Studio At Home

Hi everyone, my name is Sandra and today we’re going to talk a little bit about dance floorings for our home. Now I know that a lot of people are stuck at home now because of the lockdown, whether it’s in Singapore or anywhere around the world. I just want to show you the dance floor that we have to offer and it so happens that I have a sample leftover from the one we used for Free Movement’s Dance Studio. So I just want to show you the kind of flooring that we have so that you know that there’s a little bit of a cushioning effect, so that when you dance at home you know that it’s safe. If there’s any impact that’s happens like accidental falls and stuff, it’s still better than dancing on bare floor.

So over here is the Marley. If you can see, this is light grey. There are actually a couple of different colours. In fact I’ll be posting it up on our website right after this video. We do have a couple of different colours; the one that we chose for our dance studio if you’ve seen pictures of it, this is the light grey. One of the reasons why we chose light grey for the dance studio is that it jut brightens up the mood so much. So don’t mind it’s a little bit dirty because this was about leftover piece here. But your pieces ar going to be perfectly fine. This piece had been lying around for 2 months or so.

If you can see the thickness of it, the good thing is that it actually does cushion the impact. To me, one of the reasons why I actually chose the same thickness for Free Movement’s Dance Studio is because I wanted to make sure whoever that comes here that wanted to dance feels safe in the studio. Honestly the only reason why we’re offering all of this is that a lot of people have been asking us, “Hey, you’ve been using this for your dance studio, can you sell this to us also because we need a home studio right now because of the whole situation.” Yes, I think this would benefit a lot of people. If you think that this benefits you, please click on the link down below so you can see all the product details.

One more thing I want to mention is just about maintenance of the Marley. So, you do know that dance floors after a while are going to get a little bit dirty due to dance shoes and a lot of other things. What you need to do for basic maintenance is essentially just get a towel, wet it, and if you see (this spot) it’s a little bit dirty. So what I would do is just wipe. I will just use a cloth to wipe, if not then actually you can still use typical general cleaners that are not to harsh. So don’t use Cif (example of cleaner) or anything like that, don’t use any harsh chemicals. If you use things like more natural floor cleaners, you can definitely use the dance mats that we offer.

All of our dance mats come in various different sizes so you can actually choose on our website what sizes that you want. Or, we can Aldo customize the size for you. So let’s say you measure your living room and maybe you need 2m x 3m dimensions, sure! If it’s not on our website you can message us anywhere on any platform: Instagram, YouTube, e-mail, even WhatsApp, and we will be able to customize it for you once we confirm your size.

We will have some Ballet barres up our site too for you to choose and from there we can actually recommend according to the different dance levels of yourself or your child. We will be able to recommend and say, If you are a certain level you can go for this barre, or if you want something that’s more cost effective go for that barre because that barre is good enough, or if you’re looking more at a particular space constraint, we will have this barre that you can basically dismantle at the end of it and keep it if you would like to.

Anyhow, don’t worry so much about the Marley or the dance barres, because if at any one point of time you feel like you have no space for it or you feel like you just want to let it go, we do have this concept that we have just launched that’s called Free Movement Afterstage. This is where your dance floors, dance mats, sprung floors can also go there, so we can help you to rent or sell. For dance floors it’s probably easier to just sell. So just sell your dance floors, dance mats, and barres so that you earn an income, and more importantly that we work on sustainability for Mother Earth. Because I think that’s always been something on my mind that’s so important. I want to make sure that while we keep producing, something happens to all of the dance costumes, props, dance floors that we don’t use once we’re done with it.

So I hope you found this videos very very useful. If you need more details on the dance floors, dance barres, we’re putting up pole barres as well, you can check out our website at or click on the link below and you can check out more descriptions in the links on the products. So please like this video and subscribe below if you haven’t already. We will see you here more often on the channel. If there’s anything reach out to us anytime. I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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