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  • Support Your Studios and Instructors through Covid-19

    It is essential that we, as dancers and fitness enthusiasts, continue to show our appreciation and support for studio owners and dance & fitness instructors. While many of us may feel frustrated or inconvenienced by the new measures affecting our abilities to fully enjoy the activities, we need to remain positive and continue to support one another in the dance and fitness scene to ensure that it can continue to grow and prosper, no matter what the circumstances.  View Post
  • Get to Know the Dances - Hip Hop

    Welcome back to our “Get to know the Dances!” series! In the spotlight this week is Hip Hop - the "jack of all trades" of dances, Hip Hop is influenced by almost all genres of dance, with features from both classical as well as more modern styles. It is an ever evolving style that is a long established crowd-pleaser. View Post
  • Get to know the Dances! - Jazz

    Get to know Jazz Dance! Often viewed as a fundamental component of a dancer’s repertoire, Jazz dance has influenced many other dance styles, such as Swing and Musical Theatre, and is often incorporated into many performances. It is commonly associated with American dance shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” as well as many Broadway musicals.

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