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  • So You Think You Can Dance at Home? - Setting up a Home Studio

    A good home studio is one that is safe and gives you the confidence to dance and workout to your fullest! If you're looking to invest in a functional dance and fitness space, check out the advice we have to ensure that you get to utilise the space you have at home to be a viable and productive make-shift studio! View Post
  • How To Build A Dance Studio At Home

    Do you want to build your very own dance studio at home especially in the current situation, but don’t know how to get started? Why does the right flooring matter in creating a safe and injury-free environment for dancing? Check out what Sandra Faustina, Director of Free Movement Singapore, has to say to the dance community! View Post
  • Cutting Up Our Dance Studio Floor For You! | Home Dance Mats

    It is especially during this period of fighting COVID-19 that we have to stay home during the “circuit breaker” in Singapore or “lockdown” elsewhere in the world, so we want to ensure that we can dance safely when at home! Dancing at home and preventing injuries goes way beyond just this period as your body is so important. Thus, a reliable home dance mat helps create that safe dancing environment.

    Listen to Sandra Faustina, Director of Free Movement Singapore, as she cuts up the flooring of the newly renovated dance studio, in order to meet the requests from so many dancers that desperately need a dance mat during the extended stay home period.

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