Preparation for dance

  • Advice for Perfect Dance Hair

    Achieving the perfect dance hairstyle isn't difficult, but it does requiring proper planning and practice. Whether you're in class, at a competition, or planning a performance, we've collated some timeless advice to help you achieve the perfect hairdo! View Post
  • Staples of a Dance and Fitness Wardrobe

    Every dancer and fitness enthusiast needs a reliable wardrobe to give them the proper support and confidence they need to give it their all during their classes and activities. While each person has their own style and unique taste, there are undoubtedly certain pieces that will always be needed by all, regardless of the style or type of activity they chose to partake in.  View Post
  • Developing Good Dance "Routines" - How to maximise your productivity as a dancer

    Improve your productivity as a dancer by developing good habits and turning them into a "dance day routine"! It is always important to maximise the dance classes you take, and small actions culminate into big results. Knowing what to do before, during and after class to ensure you are both physically and mentally ready for dance is the first step to ensuring you have a fruitful and enjoyable class! View Post