Need a confidence boost? - Try these dance and fitness activities!

There are so many areas in our life that we can lose (and gain!) confidence in. Each of us has our own insecurities, things that we struggle to see the good in. Dance and fitness is a great place to build our confidence, but what you might not have thought about is that specific types of dance and fitness can help you achieve confidence in a particular area that you might want to focus on. So, we've compiled a list of recommendations to help you rebuild, rejuvenate and restore your confidence levels.


General lack of confidence? - Try ballet!

If you generally suffer from a lack of confidence, ballet is the best place to help you stand a little taller with your head held high. With each new exercise, mini choreography and skill achieved, you also learn to give yourself the credit you deserve for these accomplishments, both big and small. The repetitive nature of ballet exercises (you're never too advanced for basic barre practices!) means that you can also witness your progress over time, which can help you feel a sense of accomplishment to increase your confidence levels as well!

Free Movement offers introductory ballet in our very own studio! 


Lack of confidence while performing? - Try jazz!

Jazz is a fun and upbeat style of dance, with a lot of character and emotive aspects to it. If you're often shy about displaying your personality, or have a lack of confidence when it comes to performing, a jazz dance class could be the solution! By immersing yourself in the choreography and the steps, you'll learn how to perform and express yourself more confidently, both during class and during performances.

 Looking for a class to try out? We offer Jazz right in our own studio! 


Having body image insecurities? - Try pole dance and fitness!

Pole dance and fitness can help you reframe the way you think about your body. Whether you lack confidence in the way your body looks or its limitations, pole classes can help you solve the problem. Pole focuses a lot on how you engage the different muscles and parts of your body to achieve many different tricks. If you have a lack of confidence because of your body image, learning pole dance and tricks can help you shift your focus from your body's appearance to its many capabilities and strengths - by doing, so, you gain a new appreciation for the wonder that is your body, and learn to be confident in your body the way it is. 


Lacking confidence in your physical abilities? - Try yoga!

Yoga is a great way of gaining confidence while pushing the boundaries of your physical abilities. Most yoga classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels - instructors give various options and levels that allow you to comfortably and safely build up your skills and confidence. Additionally, yoga places a heavy emphasis on self-improvement and focusing (and loving!) yourself - the combination of opening your mind and your body allows you to push yourself and explore the capabilities your body holds that you might not have thought previously possible.

 Free Movement offers both power flow yoga and smooth flow yoga in our very own studio! 


Lacking confidence in your surroundings? - Try aerial activities!

Aerial activities include dance and fitness classes that you apparatuses attached to the ceiling, including hoops, silks, trapezes and poles. Sometimes, individuals form a distrust for their surroundings that can cause anxieties while performing or working out. Trying aerial activities teaches dancers and fitness enthusiast to put their trust in a combination of themselves and their environment - knowing how to work with the tools around you helps you overcome the fears and anxieties you might have attached to them.

Why not try Free Movement's very own trapeze yoga class, held in our studios!


Lacking confidence in other people? - Try ballroom dancing!

If you're looking to rebuild your confidence and trust in other people, ballroom dancing is the answer. While learning to move as one, you also learn how to create clear communication channels upon which confidence and trust can be built between you and your partner. 

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