Ballet Barre Pro

  • $259.00

Unleash Your Inner Prima Ballerina with our Ballet Barre Pro! 

Embrace the grace of ballet with our Ballet Barre Pro, the perfect accessory for your dance practice. With an emphasis on stability, strength, and adaptability, this ballet barre will guide you toward mastering ballet steps with finesse. Its adjustable size and color provide a suitable match for any space and individual style. Its customizable size and color ensure a perfect match for any space and personal style!

Reasons to Choose Our Freestanding Ballet Barre:

✔ Focused on Safety: Its stable base ensures that your practice is secure and balanced.

✔ Robust and Durable: Built with resilience in mind, our ballet barre is a steadfast companion for your intensive ballet routines.

✔ Maintain Your Practice Anywhere: The portable aspect of this ballet barre allows you to uphold your ballet routine, wherever you may be.

✔ Personalise Your Barre: With colour options including Original White, Silver, Gold, Black, and Romantic Rose (extra 1-2 weeks for customisation), your ballet barre will mirror your individuality and aesthetic.

✔ Convenient Storage: Easy to store, our ballet barre ensures that your space remains orderly post-practice.

✔ Varieties to Suit Every Dancer: With differing lengths for single and double-tier barres, we cater to every dancer's preference.

✔ Harmonious Design: For those seeking a unified aesthetic, our ballet barre aligns seamlessly with our Framed Shatterproof Mirrors on wheels.

✔ Hassle-free Assembly: Our ballet barre is designed for easy disassembly, making setup and pack-up uncomplicated.

The Ballet Barre Pro is suitable for dancers of all skill levels. Its customizable features make it an ideal addition to any workout routine.

Product dimensions:

  • Single-tier barre height: 80cm; base width: 60cm
  • Double-tier barre height: lower barre - 80cm, top barre - 105cm; base width: 60cm

Weight specifications:

  • Single Barre / 1m: 6.5kg
  • Single Barre / 1.5m: 8kg
  • Single Barre / 1.8m: 8.7kg
  • Single Barre / 2m: 9.5kg
  • Single Barre / 2.5m: 10.5kg
  • Double Barre / 1m: 8kg
  • Double Barre / 1.5m: 9.5kg
  • Double Barre / 1.8m: 10.2kg
  • Double Barre / 2m: 11kg
  • Double Barre / 2.5m: 12kg

Don't just dream of dancing with elegance and proficiency - make it a reality with our Ballet Barre Pro. A step toward refined ballet technique, sophisticated style, and memorable dance experiences awaits.

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