Hi everyone! Welcome to Free Movement Dance Solutions. I'm so glad that you're here today, we're goanna discuss a very important topic which is how do you get 10 good habits to become a really good dancer, now this is something that we all want to become a much better dancer so let's just go ahead and talk about that.

So, the first tip that I'm gonna give you is to be prepared for class what I mean by that is you kind of need to look good and feel good, imagine if you go to class like being so unprepared you're not gonna be really ready for class right so you want to make sure that your hair is all done up you don't want to be all messy hair and you want to make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for class so that you feel good they're goanna do really well in class all right.

The second tip that I'm gonna have for you is to ask questions. Now I'm gonna talk to you as a dancer to a dancer and one of the things I always do is to ask questions all right, So whatever it is that you don't understand whether it's the counting is it that's down five that's down six seven or eight or if you're just not sure what the general feeling of the dance is a just ask the instructor now from my instructor's perspective when somebody asks questions I'm more than happy to actually answer the questions so don't be afraid to ask, so second tip is to definitely ask questions.

The third thing we're going to talk about is dance class etiquette. What I mean by that is don't come into class and be like all hurried up and like not ready for class but just you know reach class early start stretching start warming up keep your body warm make sure you're there don't just sit there and start gossiping and stuff like that we ain't got time for that go ahead start stretching start warming up you know motivate your friends around you to actually start warming up as well so that's a definite good habit and always make sure that by the end of the class you are cooling down as well so this helps you to prevent injuries which is really important to become a really good dancer because you don't want to be totally injured and you can't dance and you have to stay away from that right so make sure to cool down after class now one side note if you really need to yawn in class try not to you're really obviously if you have the instructor but try to have a little quiet yarn so that's not so well distracting for the instructor or it might feel a little bit disrespectful to some instructors as well so try to do that quietly.

The fourth habit that I think every dancer should have is to practice. Now what I mean by practice is not just to practice five minutes before your dance class starts but at the end of the class you know take five ten minutes at home 15 minutes at home to just practice right in front of the mirror or if just in front of any reflection just to practice your moves whether it's the counting you're thinking about or whether it is to really go all out to different body parts to think about how to execute the different movements practice practice practice right after class perhaps a day before the next rehearsal so that you know that you're prepared for the next class.

So the fifth habit I'm goanna have for you is to develop spatial awareness. Now what I mean by that is if you're in a group class if there are people around do you don't want to stand so close next to somebody or you don't want to make sure that you know you want to always make sure that the space you have around the people in front of you at the side of you at the back of you is going to be quite equal all right what I mean by that is if the instructor tells you take window everyone what she means by window is to make sure that you're equally in between two people yeah so always make sure that you know your space around you so that you don't keep hitting everyone and yet everyone really annoyed at the same time in the same class as you. 

The sixth habit is so important you guys which is you need to rest well. Now why I say that is because you know so many a time I see dancers coming to class myself sometimes you know whether straight out of school from another dance class from gym class from Fusion whatever it is but you're so tired and I can see your listless soul in class and sometimes I even go through that when I was studying in school and you know if you're really tired you're not going to be really present and focused in class now that's something that we all go through as dancers so please I beg of you rest well because rest is so crucial for you so always remember that okay wrestle before class especially if you're goanna have a performance make sure that you sleep well sleep enough.

The seventh habit I have for you today would be to not hide behind everybody in class. Once you're in class go get the French spot why very simply if you're hiding behind you can't see what's going on in the front of class can you so always make sure you find the right spot you know fight for yourself five minutes four go in front I'm not saying you know push people away to you know get that spot don't have to do that but find a good spot be early to class stand right in front so that you're near the instructor you can listen properly and you can see all the movements really clearly as well. 

The eighth habit I have for you today would be to avoid correcting others and then stay focused on yourself. Now the reason why I say that is because sometimes in class you use your peripheral vision and you realize that oh my this person's doing it wrongly that person's doing it wrongly and I can see all of that going on and you feel like you need to go and correct them now stop focus on yourself because they might be finding time correcting themselves as well making things better so so think about other people but think about yourself first focus on yourself get your steps correct get your accounts correct and that will ensure that you become a much better dancer at the end of it.

The ninth habit I have for you today would be to keep dancing even if you screw up. Now why I say that it's because we all have our guilty conscience where we think oh my gosh I miss this Con I missed this step I didn't do this well enough and I want to give up and I just want to redo the whole thing again right wrong you need to remember to just finish it  all the way don't just stop halfway always make sure to continue on finish it well and then when you redo it again redo it properly what I mean by this is if you're going across the floor doing your different turns or techniques or combinations always make sure that you finish the full combination even if you forgot your steps now if you're doing a choreography and halfway you tripped and fell in the choreography you don't just give up from there and just walk off stage with you now you want to make sure that you finish the entire choreography before you hit off this is the same when you're rehearsing this is the same when you're in stage because why every action that you do helps you to create a habit and we want to create good habits as dancers so make sure that you finish all the way and don't give up halfway.

The 10th and last habit I have for you would be to ask instructor for a water break instead of walking all by yourself out of class to grab your water bottle why I say this is because sometimes it is quite disruptive for the instructor if different people go out at different times to go and grab their water so always ask the instructor for a water break before you hit off for it so that you will show respect to your instructor and your instructor would respect your time in studio as well.

So what do you think of the 10 habits that we shared today? Did you like it? Did you think that it relates to you or your dance friends as well? Drop down the comment below if you have anything else or any other habits that you think would be helpful to other dancers and share it with us below because you know you might just help another person and don't forget to like And subscribe and turn on the notification Bells so that you know where we have a new video coming up next week one more thing comment down below if you have any questions or any type of topics that you like for us to talk about and you have something that is a burning desire inside of you to ask ask away because over here at free Movement Dance Solutions we are here to support your dance Journey from day one up to Eternity see you again next week. Take care stay safe and keep dancing, bye!

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